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It's way too long to post here, so I'll chop this Review up a bit.

So, in case you missed it - The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition (PC version for Steam) is in the current July 2023 Humble Bundle with a handful or so of other games for $12...and still is, right now. I loved this game (The Outer Worlds) on PC Game Pass, in its OG Version - and well, I think I'm gonna like this version too (Spacer's Choice Edition). Can't wait to check the DLC's too.

So, on my RTX 3070 8gb VRAM desktop PC - which also has 10700KF, 16GB RAM, Multiple HDD's & SSD's, W10, BTW - I can run this at 1080p with 55-60fps. So, I can max-out The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice no problem. For some reason - probably b/c not everybody has high-end GPU's, I'd guess - the game is set to Medium by default. Game runs no problem at 60fps when locked there, So, yeah - it's running really well, since it's been patched-up (namely since version 1.3, according to many online). Just be aware, this game can utilize 6-7GB VRAM no problem at these Ultra maxed-out settings. So far, so good on that rig.


Performance update on my Gigabyte laptop (R5 5600H, 16 GB RAM, 6gb RTX 3060, 1 TB SSD, W11). So, it runs really good even on my 6gb RTX 3060 laptop. Eats around 5-6gb VRAM on laptop on the regular. Still, most of the time - it's 1080p60fps Ultra settings with FSR On. Sometimes take hits when saving and/or transition to new areas for the 1st time - but eh, this ain't often. Turning off FSR - yeah, performance at Ultra goes to crap with bouncing all over the place b/t 25-60fps; FSR saves it at Ultra & keeps it stable. TOW: SC is a blast & I'm still going here, some say 20+ hours in.


ADDENDUM #5 = COMPLETED - 07-13-2023.
So, I have finished also the base-game. Took around 59.8 hours in total overall after everything, with all the DLC's finished & the base-game. Yes, you should do the DLC's before you hit the "Point Of No Return" final mission(s) & that sequence of stuff - as the game does incorporate decisions you've made from DLC's into the base-game's ending, at the very end in the Epilogue/Credits sections.

Regardless, my point still stands from the TOW OG version of the base-game: a lot of what happens at the end does, in many ways, feel a bit rushed & also is setting up for inevitable The Outer Worlds 2 (which I so can't wait for!) for part of the ending(s). Also, at least w/ my decisions in this playthrough, it didn't really feel like there was a big-bad as a face to really be say a Final Boss/Encounter to - unlike say the awesome Eridanos DLC (in which that DLC also has the best boss fight in the game). Despite that w/ the base-game & its few missteps, that's all still very minor.

Many of the other end-stuff w/ the final permutations & ending(s) all is still very satisfying b/c it wraps up a lot of the story for your companions, factions, certain specific characters & any locations you made decisions about in particular in this game, in a fashion with a slide-show & narration like many other legendary RPG's have done - think like Fallout 1, 2 & NV; Arcanum; NWN: Hordes; DA: Inquisition's Trespasser DLC; and I'm sure there's many more if I could think of them.

Let me add this: the base-game's content is still great for the most part here. If you want that Fallout 3/4/NV type of gameplay & combat (and much more refined & contained, I might add), Mass Effect style galaxy-travelling, and satire & comedy galore - TOW: Spacer's Choice certainly delivers a great game in that style & vein, which I'm sure many were looking for after Fallout 76 (ouch).

And let me mention this, while I'm at it: the DLC's are at the very least really good. In particular, Gorgon DLC is the most action-packed type of Fallout 3/4/NV type of gameplay & has a good story with some twists - so if you want more TOW, that's here; and it's pretty good. Eridanos DLC goes in the other direction and focuses more on investigation, story, Lore, Choice, making Deductions (on who did the murder & why) - and is easily, IMHO, the best DLC of the two by a mile & is quite special; it feels much more unique & the investigation stuff adds an excellent element & variation to the game. Regardless, all of the DLC's are packaged here in Spacer's Choice right out-the-gate, which is awesome.

Regardless, provided you have the hardware to handle this version here - TOW: Spacer's Choice is an excellent open-galaxy & open-world shooter-RPG in the style of games like Fallout 3/4/NV, Mass Effect Trilogy/Legendary, and many others of that sort. The gameplay's great (and feels much better than say Fallout 3/4/NV); the story & character stuff for the most part's great; the DLC's are at least really good - and yes, Eridanos is out-standing.

In the end, after almost 60 hours of gameplay, my verdict is in: this is a "Must Play" shooter-RPG that fans of these type of games (Fallout 3, 4, NV & ME: Trilogy/Legendary) have to play & is also an excellent place for many that never played this type of game to get into, since a lot of this is executed in a much more streamlined & extremely well executed type of fashion.
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