MaxOfS2D @ TI8
Maxime Lebled   Vannes, Bretagne, France
Hi! I'm Max! I do 3D animation for video games. []

You might already know me for my SFM work, or my contributions to Dota 2.

You wanted to view more info? TOO BAD! You get song lyrics instead:

Once there was a thirteenth sign of the zodiac,
The Spider was a sign we have long since forgot.

It seems that the gods
They had planned a great tapestry,
Foreseeing the future,
in accordance with the stars' paths!

Heed their own interpretation,
in a vision about the sun,
Birth of all creation,
the tapestry took to life!

A jewel of amazing colours,
intermingled with the purest light,
The tapestry was near complete,
then in arguments, the silence broke.

"Why do you depict a war of wars so eagerly?"
"Why do you picture pestilence as starvation's soul?"

The Goddess of the Spider sign
said "I see what I see, what I see!"
So said the Twelve,
the word of law:

"You and your heart dishonour life"
Banishing her forevermore
Now the prophecy will come true

So it seems the sign of the Spider
Is a punishment,
amongst all the people,
including me and you
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I get a lot of friend requests on Steam, it clutters my friends list really fast, and it becomes really hard to keep track of everyone, as much as I wish I had the time to talk with everyone. If you'd like to ask me something, please do not send me a friend request on Steam , but instead, send me an e-mail at ! It's a *lot* more convenient, and you'll get a much faster reply :)


Here's the list of all the Dota 2 Steam Workshop items that were accepted into the game and that I've been involved in, along with information on where and how to get them!


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• Intel i7 4770 (with Noctua NH-U9S cooler)
• GeForce GTX 980 Ti (stock)
• 16GB of RAM, 2.5TB of SSD, 4TB of HDD
• Monitors: Asus PG278Q, Dell U2717D
• G510S keyboard, G502 mouse
Artwork Showcase
What does a hero truly fear? (TI7 Short Film Contest)
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Workshop Showcase
This good fluffy seal boy will slide across icy terrain and fly past the cold winds to deliver the iron branches that you forgot to buy in the fountain. (Magic Wand is great value now.)

[img] [/img]

[img] https://i.img
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Status - Pending, Created by - Chemical Alia and MaxOfS2D @ TI8
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Torelly Aug 13 @ 8:40pm 
I really loved your short movie for ti 8. really hope you win !! best movie ever !! congrats. wish you and the crew all the best.
Miheo Aug 11 @ 12:52am 
Yo I trade my pudge arcana for any 10 Dota2 rares - if you want send me trade offer, I will accept
Adrian Ervin Aug 9 @ 4:04am 
Love your works man , keep it up:YellowCoins:
How many times has SFM crashed on you?
Great videos!:wyes::wyes:
u5z Aug 2 @ 1:14pm 
I sucked you off once in GMod Tower
m3pro Aug 1 @ 6:25pm 
was wondering if you'd be willing to work on a game with modeling. I'll be honest. Over budget is $100. We want to make a kickstarter and mainstream a teaser to get money.