Maxime Lebled   Vannes, Bretagne, France
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Once there was a thirteenth sign of the zodiac,
The Spider was a sign we have long since forgot.

It seems that the gods
They’d planned a great tapestry,
Foreseeing the future,
in accordance with the stars' paths!

Heed their own interpretation,
in a vision about the sun,
Birth of all creation,
the tapestry took to life!

A jewel of amazing colours,
intermingled with the purest light,
The tapestry was near complete,
then in arguments, the silence broke.

"Why do you depict a war of wars so eagerly?"
"Why do you picture pestilence as starvation's soul?"

The Goddess of the Spider sign
said "I see what I see, what I see!"
So said the Twelve, the word of law:

"You and your heart dishonour life"
Banishing her forevermore
Now the prophecy will come true!
So it seems the sign of the Spider is equally split,
amongst all the people including me and you
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I don't work on Rust, and I can't do anything about bans.

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Here's the list [] of all the Dota 2 Steam Workshop items that were accepted into the game and that I've been involved in, along with information on where and how to get them!


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Man your TI10 entry for SFM is dope! Thanks for your hardwork and hope you take it all home :p2cube:
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