{UPR} Princess Celestia
A humble, shy guy/girl with a server and interest in miniaturized technicolored horses. Also I think Equestria Girls weren't that bad.

Please DO NOT:
- Invite me to a random groups with no actual purpose
- Add me only to trade
- Add me only to play some game with me
- Add me for no reason whatsoever

Please DO:
- Add me if you need help with anything I might be able to help you with
- Add me if you enjoy casual conversations about almost anything
- Add me if you like programming, coding or computers in general and you like to share your experiences with others

I DO NOT do RP anymore, with some very rare exceptions.

Feel free to add me, I will accept it - however, if you don't talk to me for some time, I MIGHT unfriend you without warning. No hard feelings, I'm just trying to keep my friendlist as clean as possible and not filled with random people (ponies), so I remove everyone I don't keep in touch with. It doesn't mean I dislike you - feel free to re-add me any time, if you heart desires.

I don't go online on Steam so often, and when I do, I'm usually hidden - if you need/want to talk to me when I'm not online here, your best bet is my Discord server - https://discord.gg/3j86Tfy

I also have ask.fm. So if you are nosy about my personal life, don't be afraid to ask me curious questions on http://ask.fm/thecomputerguy .
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Garry's Mod Pony Servers
Currently running sandbox, cinema and RP Garry's mod servers - all with pony playermodels, sugar, spice and everything nice! Come and see for yourself.

IP ADDRESSES AND PORTS OF MY SERVERS [unitedponyrepublic.eu]
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+rep good GMod server :)
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Merry Christmas :)
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{UPR} Princess Celestia Feb 10, 2018 @ 1:14am 
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+rep said equestria girls wasn't that bad