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Maps of Hallownest, showing all regions, rooms, bosses, grubs, charms, warrior graves, whispering roots, cartographer locations, collectibles, hidden hunter journal entries, etc
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Astral Chain, except red.

Jokes aside I'm about five hours in, and I'm loving this game so far. The combat is super fun, the story is interesting, at least to me. And the pacing is okay for the most part, sometimes I get a bit impatient but it's a JRPG so what are you gonna do. The game's art direction is very pretty during some sections but it can give off that bland vibe that Nier Automata tended to with the cityscapes and deserts and such.

The monster designs are interesting, some of them I really like and some are just freaky but it's cool all the same.

The OST is a banger, right up my alley in terms of music. And while I don't mind buying it I don't log onto to steam to listen to music, but to play games. So if Bandi could just put the OST on Spotify and Apple Music that would be swell.

I really don't have too much bad to say about this game, I'm having great time with it. It's def meant for a controller so I highly reccomend using one but it accomadates the mouse and keyboard too if you can configer it to your liking.

I'm looking forward to checking out the anime in a few days so I can grab these codes the game brings up at some point. I find that really fun to pair the two up in that way. Like how Disney hides Mickey's in some of their movies.

All in all, if you like Anime, Astral Chain, Nier, DMC, and Bayonetta and fast high octane combat and throwing cars and trains at monsters I'd give this game a shot. I heard it's at least 80-100 hrs long so def worth the money!

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