Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

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Maps of Hallownest
By Ruanark
Maps of Hallownest, showing all regions, rooms, bosses, grubs, charms, warrior graves, whispering roots, cartographer locations, collectibles, hidden hunter journal entries, etc
For a game as massive as Hollow Knight, maps are essential. With all the backtracking you'll be doing, it's very easy to forget where the A item requiring B upgrade was located. While there's an ingame item that will show you the locations of all the Grubs you haven't rescued yet, it's much later in the game, and other collectibles have no item to help you find them. So I'm replaying the game a second time and keeping track of where EVERYTHING is located as well as what ability you need to access things you find as you explore Hallownest.

In this guide you will find:
  • Every ingame map
  • Benches
  • Blue HP Cocoons
  • Vendors
  • Whispering Roots
  • Warriors' Graves
  • Hot Springs
  • Stag Stations
  • Tram Stations
  • Captive Grubs
  • Dreamers
  • Cornifer the Cartographer locations
  • Charm locations
  • Spells/Spell Upgrade locations
  • Hidden Hunter Journal Entires
  • Sellable Relics
  • Rancid Eggs
  • Key locations
  • Mask Shards
  • Soul Vessel Shards
  • Pale Ores
  • Nailmaster Arts
  • Ability/Ability Upgrades
  • Mister Mushroom locations and order

Not everything will be notated right away as I'm not going to fill in every detail purely from memory, instead replaying the game to mark the exact locations. This guide will be updated frequently until everything is marked on these maps.

Map Price - Comes free when you buy any other map

Stagway Price - Comes free when you unlock any other Stagway

  • Mask Shard - 150 Geo
  • Mask Shard - 500 Geo (After buying the first one)
  • Vessel Fragment - 550 Geo
  • Simple Key - 950 Geo
  • Gathering Swarm - 300 Geo
  • Stalwart Shell - 200 Geo
  • Lumafly Lantern - 1800 Geo
  • Rancid Egg - 60 Geo
  • Mask Shard - 800 Geo (Requires Storeroom key)
  • Mask Shard - 1500 Geo (Requires Storeroom key and bought the previous one)
  • Vessel Fragment - 900 Geo (Requires Storeroom key)
  • Elegant Key - 800 Geo (Requires Storeroom key)
  • Heavy Blow - 350 Geo (Requires Storeroom key)
  • Wayward Compass - 220 Geo
  • Quill - 120 Geo
  • Bench Pin - 100 Geo
  • Cocoon Pin - 100 Geo (Must find a Blue Cocoon first)
  • Vendor Pin - 100 Geo
  • Hot Spring Pin - 100 Geo
  • Whispering Root Pin - 150 Geo (Must have Dream Nail)
  • Warrior's Grave Pin - 180 Geo (Must have Dream Nail)
  • Fury of the Fallen - Requires Mothwing Cloak or Mantis Claw (if coming from the bottom), or bouncing off the spikes with your nail
  • Nailmaster's Glory - Obtain all 3 Nailmaster Arts and talk to Sly
  • Mask Shard - Rescue Bretta in Fungal Wastes, by Dashmaster Charm, requires Mantis Claw
Mr. Mushroom
  • #7
Forgotten Crossroads

Map Price - 30 Geo

Stagway Price - 50 Geo

  • Lifeblood Heart - 250 Geo
  • Longnail - 300 Geo
  • Steady Body - 120 Geo
  • Shaman Stone - 220 Geo
  • Quick Focus - 800 Geo
  • Extra Charm Notch - 120 Geo
  • Extra Charm Notch - 500 Geo, 10 Charms required
  • Extra Charm Notch - 900 Geo, 18 Charms required
  • Extra Charm Notch - 1400 Geo, 25 Charms required
  • Salubra's Blessing - 800 Geo, All Charms required (Restores Soul while on Benches)

Grandpa Grub
  • Mask Shard - Rescue 5 Grubs
  • Grubsong - Rescue 10 Grubs
  • Rancid Egg - Rescue 15 Grubs
  • Hallownest Seal - Rescue 20 Grubs
  • Pale Ore - Rescue 25 Grubs
  • King's Idol - Rescue 30 Grubs
  • Grubberfly's Elegy - Rescue all Grubs

  • Glowing Womb - Hidden room behind fake wall in hall before False Knight, requires Super Dash to reach
  • Soul Catcher - Complete the Vengeful Spirit "tutorial"
  1. Hidden behind a fake wall in the middle of the vertical hallway by the Stagway
  2. Guarded by a Guard Husk in the top right corner
  3. West of the Tram, Down + Attack to bounce off spikes, Dash/Double Jump help a lot
  4. Hallway directly below entrance, requires Dash/etc to reach
  • Gruz Mother - Miniboss
  • False Knight - First Boss
  • Failed Champion - False Knight Dream Mode
  • Brooding Mawlek - Optional Boss
  • The Hollow Knight - Final Boss
  • The Radiant - True Final Boss
  • Vengeful Spirit - In the Ancestral Mound, beat False Knight to unlock
  • City Crest - Beat False Knight, unlocks the Fungal Wastes path into City of Tears
  • Mask Shard - Beat Brooding Mawlek
  • Mask Shard - Room below Hot Spring (requires Double Jump)
  • Vessel Fragment - Left of the large elevator once you've unlocked it
Hidden Hunter Journal Entry
  • Goam - By Fungal Wastes entrance, requires Desolate Dive spell

Map Price - 60 Geo

Stagway Price - 140 Geo

Tolls - 50 Geo for Bench/shortcut few rooms below the Blue Coccoon

  • Shape of Unn - Past the Lake of Unn, requires Isma's Tear
  1. Above Cornifer, requires Mothwing Cloak
  2. Left and down from the Hunter, just cut some vines holding logs
  3. Guarded by a Moss Knight
  • Hornet
  • Massive Moss Charger
  • No Eyes - Warror's Grave
Nail Arts
  • Great Slash
  • Mothwing Cloak - Dash
  • Mask Shard - In the Stone Sanctuary
  • Vessel Fragment - In shortcut passage on the way to Queen's Gardens
Fungal Wastes

Map Price - 100 Geo

Stagway Price - 120 Geo

Leg Eater - One time fee of 86 Geo to view wares
  • Fragile Heart - 350 Geo
  • Fragile Greed - 250 Geo
  • Fragile Strength - 600 Geo
  • Mantis Council
  • Elder Hu - Warrior's Grave
  • Mask Shard - Queen's Station, requires Mantis Claw
Mr. Mushroom
  • #1 - Requires Spore Shroom charm to continue
Fog Canyon

Map Price - 150 Geo, requires Isma's Tear, enter Fog Canyon near Leg Eater, requires Isma's Tear or Shade Cloak to reach

  • Uumuu
  • Howling Wraiths
Hidden Hunter Journal Entry
  • Charged Lumafly - Inside the Teacher's Archives
Mr. Mushroom
  • #6
City of Tears

Map Price - 90 Geo

Stagway Price - 200 Geo for City Storerooms, 300 Geo for King's Station

Tolls - 150 Geo for Bench by Cornifer, 150 Geo for big elevator to Forgotten Crossroads

  • Strengthened Nail - 250 Geo
  • Channelled Nail - 1 Pale Ore, 800 Geo
  • Coiled Nail - 2 Pale Ore, 2000 Geo
  • Pure Nail - 3 Pale Ore, 4000 Geo
Relic Collector (Buys these items from you)
  • Wanderer's Journals - 200 Geo
  • Hallownest Seals - 450 Geo
  • King's Idols - 800 Geo
  • Arcane Orbs - 1200 Geo
  • Soul Twister - Right before the Soul Master room, there's a room hidden above you
  1. Along the way to Soul Sanctum
  2. Desolate Dive to the left of where you find the Hallownest Seal in the same room
  • Soul Master
  • Soul Tyrant - Soul Master dream fight
  • The Collector
  • Watcher Knight
  • Desolate Dive - Defeat Soul Master
  • Shade Soul - Vengeful Spirit upgrade
  • Wanderer's Journal - Left of Stag Way
  • Hallownest Seal - Open area left of the Relic Collector
  • Hallownest Seal - Hidden just above you after a Desolate Dive, shortly after you learn the spell
  • Rancid Egg - Hidden along elevator path
  • Simple Key - Above the Whispering Root
  • Vessel Fragment - Few rooms above King's Station, guarded by a wave of enemies
Hidden Hunter Journal Entry
  • Gorgeous Husk - Hidden in the house above the locked (Simple Key) Pleasue House entrance
Howling Cliffs

Map Price - 75 Geo

Stagway Price - Unlock all other Stagways to unlock the Stag Nest

  • Baldur Shell
  • Joni's Blessing - Past Cornifer, Lumafly Lantern highly recommended
  1. Climb up from the Baldur Shell
  • Gorb - Warrior's Grave
Nail Arts
  • Cyclone Slash
  • King's Idol - Left of the Whispering Root
  • Wanderer's Journal - Hidden behind a breakable wall
  • Vessel Fragment - In the Stag Nest
Map Notes
  • Stag Nest one-way exit is above the Warrior's Grave, no map for the Nest
Mr. Mushroom
  • #4
Crystal Peak

Map Price - 112 Geo

Tolls - 50 Geo for path back to Forgotten Crossroads

  • Deep Focus - hidden past where a husk was mining, requires Crystal Heart to reach
  1. Past a sliding/riding-through-spikes puzzle
  2. Past a crushing machine puzzle
  3. After getting Crystal Heart, Super Dash to reach it at the entrance of the room
  4. On the way to Hallownest's Crown, can reach early by bouncing off a crystal with your nail
  5. When Super Dashing back towards Dirtmouth, there's a safe place you can drop down into another room, watch out for the Mimic
  6. Past the second crushing machine area
  7. Inside the Crystalised Mound, go right when the path forks near the end
  • Crystal Guardian - 1st fight unlocks a bench
  • Crystal Guardian - 2nd fight unlocks a mask shard
  • Descending Dark - Desolate Dive upgrade, inside the Crystalised Mound, go left when the path forks near the end
  • Rancid Egg - From the Myla entrance, right after you use Desolate Dive
  • Rancid Egg - Above the bottom bench, using rotating platforms to reach
  • Rancid Egg - Desolate Dive in the room after you meet Quirrel again
  • King's Idol - Above Cornifer, requires Monach Wings or bouncing off the destructable objects and dashing to reach
  • Wanderer's Journal - After the room with Quirrel, past a group of Crystal Crawlers
  • Shopkeeper's Key - Upper part of the room right of Cornifer, go up the empty elevator shaft
  • Crystal Heart - Super Dash, after meeting Quirrel, keep going around to the right until you find a large room with lots of crystal spikes/lasers platforming
  • Pale Ore - At Hallownest's Crown, need Monarch Wings to reach
Map Notes
  • Jumping/falling off of Hallownest's Crown will take you to a one-way exit straight below, Super Dashing off to the left will take you to a one-way exit further to the left and below
Resting Grounds

Map Price - 75 Geo, Note: Cornifer is not ever physically here, must buy at Dirtmouth

Stagway Price - Free, just hit the switch

The Seer
  • Hallownest - Collect 100+ Essence
  • Unlocks Backers' Ghosts - Collect 200+ Essence
  • Pale Ore - Collect 300+ Essence
  • Dream Wielder - Collect 500+ Essence
  • Vessel Fragment - Collect 700+ Essence
  • Arcane Egg - Collect 1000+ Essence
  • Mask Shard - Collect 1300+ Essence
  • Awaken Dream Nail - Collect 1800+ Essence Unlocks White Palace
  • Ascension Achievement - Collect 2400+ Essence
  • Soul Eater - Desolate Dive to enter the tunnels then head all the way to the right
  1. On the way to Grey Mourner before you come back to the surface
  • Xero - Warrior's Grave
  • Dream Nail - Can't skip, no way to miss this
  • King's Idol - Past the waterfall
  • Wanderer's Journal - Below the Soul Eater Charm
  • Rancid Egg - After crossing the Blue Lake, Super Dash from the top to reach
  • Mask Shard - Grey Mourner flower quest

Map Price - 35 Geo

Stagway Price -

  • Sharp Shadow - Room beneath the working tram, requires Shade Cloak
  • Nosk
  • Galien - Warrior's Grave
  • Tram Pass - Found in the Ruined Tramway
  • Pale Ore - Defeat Nosk
  • Vessel Fragment - Room above working tram
  • Mask Shard - Enter through Fungal Wastes entrance (above where you get Mantis Claw)
  • Hallownest Seal - Inside the Beast's Den
  • Rancid Egg - Inside the Beast's Den
Hidden Hunter Journal Entry
  • Garpede - Hidden by Sharp Shadow's room entrance
Mr. Mushroom
  • #3
Royal Waterways

Map Price - 75 Geo

  • Rancid Egg - Price varies
  • Defender's Crest
  • Flukenest
  1. Room left of entrance, drop down into the water and there's a fake wall on your right
  • Dung Guardian
  • Flukemarm
  • Rancid Egg - Room left of the entrance, lower area
  • Rancid Egg - Two rooms to the left from the entrance, upper area
  • Mask Shard - follow the water to the left from the entrance
  • Isma's Tear - Can swim in acid, obtained from Kingdom's Edge entrance
  • Wanderer's Journal - Under broken bridge on the way to Ancient Basin
Kingdom's Edge

Map Price - 112 Geo

  • Extra Charm Notch - 2nd Colosseum Trial
  • Hiveblood
  • Hornet
  • Zote - Colosseum #1
  • God Tamer - Colosseum #3
  • Markoth - Warrior's Grave
Nail Arts
  • Dash Slash - 800 Geo
  • King's Brand - Allows access into the Abyss
  • Extra Charm Notch - Colosseum #1 reward
  • Pale Ore - Colosseum #2 reward
  • Mask Shard - Hive, requires you to trick a giant bee into breaking the wall
Mr. Mushroom
  • #0 - Stone Tablet with clues on Mr. Mushroom's locations, also need the Shroom charm to read
  • #2 - Above the lower Hive entrance
Ancient Basin

Map Price -

  • Vessel Fragment - Throw in 3000 Geo (don't worry if you have more, the fountain won't take all your money)

  • Lifeblood Core - Requires 14+ blue masks to enter
  • White Fragment half - Complete the White Palace
  • Void Heart - Wear the completed White Crest Charm
  • Broken Vessel
  • Lost Kin
  • Abyss Shriek - Howling Wraiths upgrade, use Howling Wraiths while in the center of the room in the bottom-left of the Abyss
  • Monarch Wings - Double Jump
  • Shade Cloak - Dash through obstacles
Hidden Hunter Journal Entry
  • Void Tendrils - Same area as you get the Shade Cloak, requires it to pass by the black beam
Mr. Mushroom
  • #5
Queen's Garden

Map Price - 150 Geo

Stagway Price - 200 Geo

Tolls - 150 Geo for bench near Deepnest

  • White Fragment half
  • Traitor Lord
  • Marmu - Warrior's Grave
  • Love Key - Opens Tower of Love in eastern City of Tears, above Fungal Wastes
For anything missing from the maps, please provide a screenshot of the location and I will update the maps. Having the Wanderer's Compass charm equipped is ideal for showing the location.
For everyone who helped me fill out missing details on the maps, thank you.

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samartin May 14 @ 12:46pm 
found a stag station in the ancient basin past the palace grounds
Amberstar May 11 @ 6:48pm 
The map price for Fungal Wastes is actually 75 Geo
Amberstar Apr 17 @ 12:21pm 
Also, Sly sells Sprintmaster for 400 Geo after you give him his key back (I got the price off of the wiki since I'm not currently near Dirtmouth and I couldn't remember the price since I haven't bought it just yet)
Amberstar Apr 17 @ 12:13pm 
Why isn't the Ancient Basin map price listed? I believe it's 112 Geo or something like that
Phoenix17 Mar 21 @ 9:54am 
Dreamshield: Behind a fake wall in the resting grounds, directly across from the stag station
Blank Dec 28, 2019 @ 4:48am 
thank you
AYØDuck Oct 26, 2019 @ 12:25am 
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