C.   Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia
The accent of an Irishman who lived in Glasgow for a couple years.
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I'm always online. Usually. Except when not.

I'm a roguelike addict, a stealth games lover, and also an achievement whore.

I've had more stuff here before, but I just deleted it. You'll get to know me by talking to me anyways.
I'm always up for talking.
Just add me. If anything is bothering you, just, talk to me about it. I'll hopefully be able to help you with what's on your mind.

Stalk me on Reddit,
Or hell, stalk my subreddit, which is filled with a bot posting my videos
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I could do random imagery here. That's always fun.
Inside jokes, chat logs. That type deal.

The person I love the most
The time I got called an emo faggot that should commit sudoku. Because I wrote a review. With my opinion. []
The time Serg did the thing. []
The time the whole chat did a thing []
The time I solved world peas []
Kiki is always the answer []
Me being a scammer as per usual []
guns []
Star Treck MP7 []
Test On The Field M4A1 []
My badge of uh... Rights? To shit on Serg? []
The time ProjectZenki didn't read instructions. The 'time' here implying all the time. Ever. []
serg memes []
Sexy bananas. []
Sexy hats []
-rep never forget []
sad ketchup []
Quote on that []
Not just a pretty face []
Fanart omg, <3 @Paula []
Even more FArt! []
Puns, always. []
Personal /r/iamverysmart post []
I did jack shit! []
Ever so kinky. []
#relatable []
"When will I get to be a quote on the wall" []
Very detailed graph of the Arrival movie, and how it works. Also, legit spoilers, don't click if you want to watch the movie. []

"Christ, you write a lot when you're depressed, I just jerk off when depressed" ~ŠtFizzAnoobis
"My depression doesn't last long" ~Maky
"I have a short crippling depression" ~Matleks
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-rep him'll coward don't even smoke crack.
Thrandurill Mar 24, 2017 @ 3:41pm 
rip Kikiclark 2k17, found out that something changed in Hotline Miami 2. Won't be seeing him for the next couple years.
niXaPROgamer Mar 14, 2017 @ 2:20pm 
Dave Feb 17, 2017 @ 1:24am 
+rep graded my Zagreb
Sergiovan Dec 4, 2016 @ 5:25am 
It is I, Sergiovan, visiting your profile