Matthew   Oregon City, Oregon, United States
Programmer, Mapper, and Furry with the least fur friends in the world.

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Hello! I'm a Anthropomorphic kitty, and yes; I'm a Furry []. If you're gonna add me, please give me a reason via message or comment, otherwise if you're in a fur group with me, then you can add me without reason, but I’d still like it if you gave a reason.

I prefer to play games with a PS3 controller over the keyboard whenever I get the chance, it's just what I grew up with. I like doing work on Source Engine games, mainly doing mapping, and choreographing, I also do Lua coding in Garry's Mod.

I'm currently tied with personal projects, server projects, and school; I will NOT accept game/mod team offers, or small job offers at this moment.

I'm shy towards gals, especially if you're being affectionate towards me, so I may stutter, or type awkwardly in trying to respond, or have a heart attack in some cases. My Fursona is 18, and I’m also 18 in IRL, for anyone that would like to know. Also, when I put a asterisk at the end of my sentence, that means I'm correcting a part of the previous message I sent, just for anyone that doesn't get that.

And another thing, if you keep hinting something through multiple text messages, trying to make it more obvious after each one, please stop, and just be direct, it's probably going over my head each time, since I don't really scan the text for hints like that.
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