Hao Liu   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
An Aussie, Chinese, otaku and gamer
Please don't add me for trade, especially for CSGO.
Read comment box below for more important info.

Youtube Channel. Inactive 'cause no motivation :(

Anime I'd watched/currently watching. (Not always up-to-date) [myanimelist.net]

Other gaming history:
- Ex-Dead Frontier player, completed Lv 220 (quit after Adminpwn decided to increase max lvl cap to 325 in early 2016. wtf!?)
- Ex-BFP4F player, main Assault (quit after EA decided to kill the game in mid 2015)
- Ex-Pokemon player, played the whole franchise up to Black 2 and White 2 in 2012 (quit because Game Freak just makes the same freaking game over and over again, but with new regions and Pokemon, and on a new handheld console).
- Other miscellanous Battleon games on the web browser back when I was in primary school. (Adventue Quest, DragonFable).

Well you made it this far, have a free cake 🍰\(◕ω◕)ノ
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Oi G'day m8!
About me:
Age: 20
University: UNSW
Current PC Specs: Potato Laptop (literally cos cant even run csgo above 30 fps lol, + i'm poor :( )
Gender: A bowl of rice.
Favourite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (TV), Your Name (movie)
Favourite TV show: The Walking Dead (rip Coral)
Interests: sleeping, eating, gaming, anime, firearms, modding, procrastinating

Just your average chink from the down under:
- Friendly
- Introvert
- Shitty sarcasm
- Nerd level: otaku
- Lazy half-ass achievement hunter

If you want to direct message me I'll try to reply asap.
Except if I'm busy gaming :P

Wanna add me?
Go ahead and send me a request. However, your Steam profile must satisfy one of these conditions:
> Public profile and have at least 1 friend in common.
> Met somewhere in-game, on forums, real life, or elsewhere.
> Commented on my Steam profile
If none of these conditions are met, I'll withhold your request for a few days before accepting based on the profile legitimacy.

I almost never unfriend anyone without an appropriate reason, unless my Steam account is hacked xd.

Fake and scam profiles will be blocked and unfriended IMMEDIATELY! [i.imgur.com]. I'm honestly over with desperate try-hard idiots attempting these CSGO and equivalent scams.

Steam Workshop
If you're here because of my workshop addons, please visit here for any workshop related questions. If your question is not there, just comment below on my Steam profile.
- All of the model ports are not for profit and for free of use given that you own the game required. If you're the original author who is concerned about the model being distributed on the Steam workshop, leave a message with legitimate proof of identity and we'll communicate from there.
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8sianDude 3 hours ago 
I’ll send noods instead.
Sonic1201 Jun 16 @ 9:51pm 
Нормально всё? Jun 14 @ 2:05am 
Anime the best:steamhappy::steamhappy:
Gs Jun 6 @ 6:33am 
Thank you for your reply :)
8sianDude Jun 6 @ 12:06am 
@Gs I'm not the original author of those models, so any commercial usage is not authorised by me. You'll have to contact the original authors if you're keen on utilising those models for commercial purposes. I left all the credits to the original author's website in the descriptions of all of my anime style Gmod ports on the Steam workshop addon page respectively.
Gs Jun 5 @ 3:25pm 
Hello, I saw your anime models on sketchfap, do you sale models for commercial projects too? Because I am a indie developer and looking for a character modeler?