Hao Liu   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I would appreciate it if people could comment a reason for adding me.
Please don't add me for Steam items trade, especially for CSGO. The answer is no.

and yes, i also make addon mods for gmod and l4d2. which probably explains why you're here reading this lol

Anime I'd watched/currently watching. (Not always up-to-date) [myanimelist.net]

Well you made it this far, have a free cake :cleancake:\(◕ω◕)ノ
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Additional Info.
About me:
Age: 22
Current PC Specs: potato laptop gaming laptop
Gender: A bowl of rice.
Interests: sleeping, eating, gaming, anime, firearms, modding, procrastinating

Just your average rice dude from down under flat earthers claimed don't exist.
- Friendly
- Introvert
- Sh*tty sarcasm
- Anime nerd level: otaku
- Gun nut level: Ameriboo
- Lazy half-a$$ achievement hunter

If you got a message, DM me whether I'm online or offline. I may be in invisible mode :P
> I speak Mandarin (普通话) and English, but reading wise only English.
Wanna add me?
Go ahead and send me a request. However, your Steam profile must satisfy at least one of these conditions:
:csgostar: Public profile and have at least 1 friend in common.
:csgostar: Met somewhere in-game, on forums, discord, real life, or elsewhere.
:csgostar: A fellow modder.
:csgostar: Commented on my Steam profile.
If none of these conditions are met and I have no idea who you are, I'll withhold your request for 2 days before accepting based on your Steam profile. If i'm not satisfied with your profile page, I will ignore your request.

I almost never unfriend anyone from my friends list. But if I do, then there is an obvious reason that I will no longer want to associate with the individual.

Fake and scam profiles will be blocked and unfriended IMMEDIATELY! [i.imgur.com]. I'm honestly tired of desperate try-hard idiots attempting these CSGO and equivalent scams.

Steam Workshop
If you're here because of my workshop addons, please visit here for any workshop related questions (FAQ) . If your question is not there, just comment below on my Steam profile.
All of the model ports are not for profit and for free of use given that you own the game required. If you're the original author who is concerned about the model being distributed on the Steam workshop, leave a message with legitimate proof of identity and we'll communicate from there.
People who are constantly and repeatedly spamming unwanted copypasta, advertisement and provocative comments on my addons with the intent of causing drama will be blocked. I'm no longer tolerating.
Workshop Showcase
So Louis has his pills, but what about our beloved survivor Coach? He's missing out on his cheeseburger in this apocalypse!

- Replaces pills

- 2x Buns
- 1x Beef
- 1x Cheese
- 2x Tomato
- 2x Pickles

I made this in 1 hour pu
1,807 ratings
Created by - 8sianDude
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My bloody CHEESEBURGER mod got censored...
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smile for the camera
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flex mashina Oct 19 @ 7:36am 
I want to ask you to do something, pls add me.
Frost Oct 15 @ 1:37pm 
Maybe you can add in the future some things from the game Spec Ops the line rly good game and love ur work man keep it up :D
Apen3056Gaming Oct 11 @ 12:46am 
well, Touhou addons very nice!. but i can't find Touhou addons about "Prismriver Sisters" (which there Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica are the prismrivers). shall make request or i do make myself?
Nik Oct 9 @ 4:12am 
Genshin Impact is so damn addicting fuuu
Blaze Oct 8 @ 1:48pm 
its extremely rare for me to ask for this request.
TheEuropeanUnion Oct 8 @ 11:50am 
I thought you were a really good modder