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GW is so contentious and stingy with their content. It almost seems like they purposely license things to fail in an effort tyo generate false interest in their overpriced mini figures. Rarely do we ever get to see iconic things up close. You hear the term Titan Knight, Land Raider, Thunderhawk, etc in books you may even see them in different manners in other media. But its always in a limited capacity. Top down in an RTS, cutscenes and the like.
There is a unique wholesomeness to cleaning in general, so getting to see these machines up close and to scale was *really* cool and satisfying to me. Cleaning them brought a certain level of intimate detail that really made me appreciate a franchise ive come to enjoy so personally. My only criticism would be that Power Washers witty "emails" do not at all fit with the tone of 40K. But that didnt take anything away from the DLC. This was REALLY cool, and its even cooler to know that Power Washer Simulator is now canon in 40K. The Ordo Sanitarius will clean any filth.
Posted February 29.
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i really really REALLY enjoy this game. the cute little bird friend is a big pull. as a skating game? its too floaty and stiff. its hard to get a flow.
Posted February 26.
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a buggy mess. a huge list of small quality of life issues make this game such a M.A.S.S.I.V.E. irritation. Buttons stop working, enemies randomly spawn, your grenades blow up while on your belt, falling through the environment, crashing every 15 minutes, the one and only vehicle will blow itself up if you aim to the right, people not participating in orders all because of memes and internet content, out of the giant list of weapons and strategems only about 4 are worth a damn because the rest either dont function or because they are so inexcusably weak there would be no reason to ever use them. the list quite literally goes on and on and on and on. the game has a huge appeal ill fully admit.
but this game is a migraine, in its current state its held together with glue and even with a reasonable price i cant recommend anybody be yet another beta tester for this obnoxious over hyped PILE.
Posted February 18. Last edited March 31.
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greedy, vile, corporate slime.
Posted January 27. Last edited April 4.
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if this game had been made like..15 years ago when kart games were still a popular subject, MAYBE this game would have blown up. Its a perfect example of when corporations attempt to copy each other using just barely minimal effort, minimal budget, but expecting EXPONENTIAL results. Its perfectly adequate. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing good, nothing bad. The dev clearly "understood" the assignment, but failed to provide anything of substance or impact. This game gives "Powerpoint clip art search bar". dont buy it, or do. both are equally sufficient, as is this game.
Posted January 22.
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rockstar bad, i thought we all learned that years ago. abandoned game, treats players like criminals, ignored completely despite very valid concerns/requests. "labor of love" yeah ok
Posted January 2.
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it is so oppressively difficult. every single move has to be absolutely perfect or you will be completely overwhelmed with no hope of recovery and have to start the entire campaign over.
Posted January 2. Last edited January 2.
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Rare. i dont even know what to say anymore. yall are incompetent in ways i truly lack the ability to express properly.
it took you years to make your game accessible, and when finally, FINALLY you do something halfway decent
you punish people for it.
"whats that? you DONT want to be chased for 11 and a half hours by the same group of 14 year olds as they scream the N word at you? whats not to love about being repeatedly attacked by one troll all day? remember that 8 hours it took to do one simple thing in our game? yeah one child and his doucher friends can undo that in seconds. you want to be separate from that?"
there are entire discord groups, steamers who have attained MASSIVE followings on the basis of making others experience in this game as miserable and difficult as possible. despite that, you **rewarded** that behavior by making a whole faction for that! while only taking away from people who very understandably dont want that. less gold, less experience, less access, less server priority, less everything.
im gone for good, if you have even an ounce of self respect, youll leave too. This game was has been and will always be developed for the specific purpose of making a hostile, toxic, combative, unwelcoming environment. thats more clear than ever. rare needs to disappear, your behavior is utterly revolting. which is only a slight bummer considering how many other games exist out there. dime a dozen
reference your own code of conduct agreement, cause youre the worst offender Rare lol

i hope ubisoft has been watching, and taking notes. i hope skull and bones BURIES this game.
Posted December 15, 2023. Last edited December 15, 2023.
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update: so after sinking a good amount of time into this game i have to change my mind.
the visuals, the premise, the theme are all really cool and satisfying.
the actual game, leaves so much to be desired. like, a LOT
first and foremost, nothing goes together, theres no synergy in really anything. sure some cards, loot, and characters work kind well together, but theres no way to commit to a "build"
all you do is hope that you get the right card at the right time. its 100% chance. i get the concept of making the best with what you have. but at no point do i ever feel confident in my team, because i know even with the best possible set of cards, they will be drowned by extremely weak unhelpful cards.
next, the loot available to you are so diametrically far from one another. there are some loot that are really useful, but most of them exclusively make you weaker, or more vulnerable. some, have absolutely no reason to ever be equipped. they dont pair with anything, there isnt a bonus or reward for taking on a harder challenge, its just making your team less effective for the sake of it.
theres a set list of cards, and no way to alter or even VIEW them. once you unlock all the challenges for the band and individual characters, thats it. no more skills or weapons of any kind. yet, you have to start with predetermined cards for each character, some of which are apparently generalized cards that either version of that class can have. so they arent unique and dont cater to the strengths or strategies of that particular band member.
lastly, you are so MASSIVELY outclassed all the time. even regular enemies with no buffs or penalties to your team do, at a minimum, double damage when compared to most of your cards.
the heavy hitting cards are almost all "bide your time"/ "snowballing" cards. but 99% of the time youre fighting to survive turn by turn you wont have enough health or time to last that long. thus eliminating the prospective "bazooka" style move you were planning on using.

in short there are so many little quality of life choices that compound into this huge obstacle of a bummer that really takes the fun out of the game. it has so much potential. which is a massive disappointment, cause i really wanted to like this game.
dont buy this, at least not right now.

To be clear, I am not a game dev, I dont make music, i have only a partial understanding of how difficult it is to do either of those things. That being said:

I immediately loved this game. This style, this idea, is very satisfying to me personally. This is the kind of thing i thought of as a kid, entering into the world of "counter culture" and alternative styles of media. When my first experiences were, maybe lack of a better term, raw and new, this is the kind of imagery i had in my head canon about how cool metal was. Kind of in the same vein as Brutal Legend. The theme is clearly and effectively applied to the game, all the way through.
The mechanics, that being turn based deck builder, fits snugly into this medium.
The negative reviews, i think are a little melodramatic. But they contain grains of truth.
I find the music to not be varied enough, its the same punkomatic/"rock" loop. And while its cool, it gets pretty old pretty fast. The characters, both good and evil, have SO MUCH personality on the surface level. But when you start to notice that every animation for every attack is the same, borderline identical, it burns away that skin deep appeal of each character.
In the intro alone there are three or for specific references, im guessing for world building. Again, its skin deep. The game sucks the wind out of its own sails. Theres a lot of little details that would add HUGE improvements to the game. Like varied music, a couple of short little one liners per character, different poses and animations for different moves, different venue/background. I say "little" but all of those would entail a lot of hard work, so its understandable considering ive never heard of this dev and have only a fractional idea of how to do any of that.

If i had to sum it up there are all the ingredients here to make a dish. Something filling, pleasing to the eye and serves purpose. But there is no nourishment here, no satisfaction, no MEAL. Theres potential here and i hope it keeps getting developed.
Posted December 14, 2023. Last edited December 29, 2023.
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Definitely one of the more unique deckbuilder/rogue games ive come to own. All the core elements are very enjoyable. The visuals are reminiscent of a comic book which is enjoyable. Cell shading has become rather niche, and when a group can apply it in such a way, i think it adds something to a game you cant forget. I think the lore/story/setting is really cool. it has an ominous borderlands/madmax type of feel. what i like the most is how the characters dash around! rather than returning to a line in a static position.
some of the negative reviews bring up valid concerns regarding quality of life, but in my opinion, none of them take away from the game.
my only two criticisms are lack of some kind of glossary for the cards and symbols. Theres a LOT of symbols in this game, and although you can hover over them for a quick explanation, its hard to commit them to memory when youre learning in the moment. which can lead to not having a full understyanding of your characters strengths and weaknesses.
lastly, the companions. while i do mostly enjoy how they each possess a uinique ladder of rewards and buffs along your adventure, it makes ZERO sense to me why every fight is solo. some of your companions are well armed, tough looking charcters. some are even *other main characters* that not only contextually prove they are more than capable of defending themselves, but also, would have zero reason to just sit back and watch a fight.
it really is odd. they are shown in the traveling animations, in the still frames before the fight, why would they not participate in the fight alongside your main character?
my two criticisms aside, i think this is an excellent game that has a lot of potential.
Posted December 13, 2023.
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