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Add me if you are a skin/sticker contributor and want to make my ideas into stickers for CS:GO. We will have a better than average chance of getting our stickers into the game, so far 2 items contributed to games, 1 accepted. The AK-47 was a rush job by a friend and I had no real design control. The Menpo was a quality item with a different look, I had a different view of what the mask type MUST be to pair with Kabuto and Samur-Eye (metal plates and rivets) and The Ronin is such a great guy we agreed on the submission with new design. Success !! effort is all that mattered, some research and logic, and love of the game and existing items.

CS:GO stickers can be extremely profitable for good ideas, I have many and most already have clear design aspirations, theme and so on. All I need is a cooperative person to do the artistic creation of my visions. First job is 4 5 or 6 stickers for a series, each in plain/holo/foil versions so Valve can choose a themed capsule to create. These stickers should be extremely well received by a huge % of the playerbase, and Valve could be adding them in a matter of weeks if we ensure quality creation of the themes..

If ever there were stickers that seemingly belong in the game, well.. add me with [artist] in your Steam name if you are serious ! I will be in charge of the project and give detailed design goals and art style examples where possible so the actual work time for you is low. Just understand the concepts; why the particular sticker has very specific imagery or wording to convey the theme.

Who am I you might ask. I'm Blazey aka goldnuts aka SUNSPY™ and I'm owner of Dank Skins where I sometimes give away a few cheap skins with Drug War Veteran stickers on them. No I have not been bothering lately because most people are the type to just sell the skin instead, which is not why I gave them away.. I started this group when the sticker was not available and went up a lot on market due to constant demand and no new supplies. At the time I purchased quite a lot of nice cheap skins with the sticker applied :) after making some nice profit and keeping some I gave a bunch away. The end..

Or not ! also owner of the Sunbeams group Beam Bros. Have Sunbeams you're keeping? Add me and join ! You have beams up for trade? sorry, group is for two groups of people, collectors obviously, and people who play TF2 and show off their sexy Sunbeams hat(s). Many of us are always willing to jump into a server with others to be group of sexy Sunbeams hats instead of the odd one out :) more fun with friends !

I used to trade a lot. Now I use market and am selling off a few things I don't need. I am a bit lazy about keeping up with outpost so even if the trade closed if I have it, its for sale, if I don't, it might be on market ;)

CSGO rep thread is up :

I have countless rep in the TF2 trading community from 2010-2013 and beyond, doing large value trades and sales, never a scamming accusation or any problem with my payments etc. Never a problem with sending extra items in another trade - back in the days of only 8 trade boxes ingame :o that was pretty uncool.. I pride myself on integrity and wanting everyone to be happy, not the terrible attitude people have of caring about themself above all else.

Profile comments are friends only again, took only a few hours for a phishing scumbag to come along and post their filthy little link.. funny really. Keep tryharding to scam and be dicks, I don't respect your selfish bs and am not here to help you profit by referring people to crap sites or scamming them ! so go away and be better at life you assholes :)
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Not actually up for trade ! just showing them off lol.. get your own on the market or trade servers :)
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Blazey Sep 16, 2018 @ 4:42am funniest post match analysis desk ever
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If i was faze owner i would be pulling hair out so bad ever since they won last tourney that id have no top of head pulling brains out by now
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Blazey Sep 8, 2018 @ 3:13pm unlucky doesn't cover it OOF feelsbad
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Even better :P