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If you're adding me as a friend please leave a comment why. Too many annoying scammer adds lately. Please stop inviting me to your random groups. It's annoying and I decline anyways. Don't add me just to ask for free stuff either. The answer is always NO .

Do I sound like enough of an asshole, yet?

That said, I'm happy to add anyone that's pleasant enough. I love connecting with other game collectors, achievement hunters, people who make good recommendations, or anyone else that's just a pleasant person.
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This is definitely a longer level and on the challenging side. There's nothing brutally hard from a reflexes or skill standpoint. The puzzles are designed so that backtracking when the team dies should be relatively quick. A lot of the problems have multip
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Created by - FaeDine
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Very unique and enchanting experience. It feels like an "Americanized JRPG" and I mean that as a full compliment. The art pulls you into the world, and the combat system is solid, and it's varying difficulties make it welcoming for new players and experts alike. The combat rarely seems like a 'grind' with level ups happening frequently and your characters showing almost constant growth. The level of detail, polish, and absolute love put into this game by its creators really shows.

Also, I think it's a steal at only $15 (the price at the time of this review). Any sale price below that makes this a 'must get'.


A few notes: with the exception of "The Golem's Plight", the DLC is all bull, don't bother. Golem's Plight adds an extra character into the game (about an hour and a half into the game) who is useful, but certainly not necessary as the experience would still feel "complete" without it. For the other DLC, you get 'Oculi' as rewards in combat, kinda like money in most JRPGs. It's just a waste to buy it. Also, uPlay sucks, blah blah blah, but you knew that.

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