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best tekken player in eu
women who play tekken please don't talk to me i get really nervous when i see you in ranked and then i perform bad
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this game is alright, cool
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This is my recreation of Tekken 3's Skyring stage. Feel free to use it for everything. Includes: t3_skyring.bsp NOTE: I don't know why SFM included the following files, I didn't use them in my map, I think...
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Dennis Stanistan 2 hours ago 
Corneyeski ツ 5 hours ago 
get out of ranked until you get a decent internet.
Kolyatyn Apr 26 @ 7:03am 
ur lagging
Dennis Stanistan Apr 3 @ 3:34pm 
what? would you like some fries with that?
Chambeador Apr 3 @ 12:50pm 
please stop using mcdonalds wifi and feed your hamster so your potato pc runs faster
+7oB | Yaska Apr 3 @ 11:42am 
sorry goat i wouldve played the set but it was pain with the connection + framedrops, ggs tho!