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I played this before the steam update. About 60+ hours, I am not too sure.

TLDR; Having the mindset, Surving to get to the endgame win. Wont make this game fun. Enjoy the journey, Your playthrough is a story.

- Minimal bugs (There is still some but its better than other Early Access or even full release games)
- Replayable
- Can run on most computers
- Great Mod support + Great Mods
- Unforgiving

- Have to have the right mindset to the play game (its not a competitive game)
- No tutorial that will explain everything that you can do in the game
- Base game doesnt have allot of content to entertain some people (But mods can help that)
- Unforgiving

My First Experience:
I went into this game thinking i should only survive to win the game. With that mindset i set aside the story of my playthrough and didnt enjoy the game much. Got angry when i lost, Got angry when i didnt understand something and Got angry at how i thought this game was bad/stupid/unfair. That resulted in me using dev mod to cheat. That wasnt fun for me and the game only lasted 5 hours with that mindset.

I came back to it after a few update and the devs said its a story generator and the aim isnt to win.
I changed my view of the game and created another colony. Taking every event in and having fun in the playthrough, Not getting angry when my colony was nearly wiped out, That was the story of my colony. I started to enjoy myself and got addicted.

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