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SFM - sfm_skyvoid (released)
SFM - sfm_watervoid (released)
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SFM - sfm_flatvoid (released)
SFM - sfm_lakevoid (released)
SFM - sfm_supermarket (released)
SFM - sfm_parking (released)
SFM - sfm_colorvoid (released)
SFM - sfm_lavavoid (released)
SFM - sfm_restaurant (released)
SFM - sfm_lavapit (released)

TF2 Maps can be found on my ChrisBound group

TF2 - jump_academy (released)
TF2 - cp_spaceboard (released)
TF2 - race_circuit (released)
TF2 - tf2_d20 (private release)
TF2 - tf2_hexagon (private release)
TF2 - tf2_balloon_trip (released)
TF2 - ??? (in development)
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oog Aug 4 @ 7:10am 
thanks a lot.
bzzz haha shwosh Aug 4 @ 6:57am 
If you're playing on the classic version of the map, try "ent_fire strange_count add 12". You should notice a small change in spawn.
oog Aug 4 @ 6:05am 
i nocliped around in another jump academy 1 map and saw a random room outside the map that if i go into it in noclip it just teleports me to spawn. i tried the ent_fire myst_count add 69 command but it doesent do anything. You got a big brain anwser for this one?
oog Aug 3 @ 6:21pm 
Also decline my friend request if you want because steam is a really good app and i cant cancel my friend req
oog Aug 3 @ 6:20pm 
Thank you for the quick anwser king! Reay sad that JA hard doesent exist tho, really wanna know how it would look like. For the command, thanks a lot andill test it tommorow since its 3am. Before i go, i have to compliment your endurance course. Its my favoritr but also the ardest course, i beat it today and it was hella fun. Thats why i wanted to see if precision and champion courses exist in the first place. Still, i really wonder how they would look like, but im imagining a lot of gold in the champion course. Anyways, thanks a lot for the anwsers brother!
bzzz haha shwosh Aug 3 @ 5:26pm 
Unfortunately hard version of jump_academy does not exist, and as such precision and champion course aren't made at all. Those two courses were meant to go for the medium version of jump_academy, with hard housing a special course. This was a long time ago, and I've since then moved on working on the jump_academy map.

For the mystery course, the buttons you'll find scattered around each courses would unlock the course when all of them were stepped on within 10 seconds of the first button pressed, and so you'd need multiple people to unlock it. If you're on singleplayer, enable cheats and type "ent_fire myst_count add 69" to unlock the course.