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SFM Maps can be found on the SFM Workshop
If you want to use any of these maps for your Saxxy, feel free to do so, just make sure to credit me. When you've done with making it, be sure to share it me, because I'd love to check it out :B1:.

SFM - sfm_skyvoid (released)
SFM - sfm_watervoid (released)
SFM - sfm_longroad (released)
SFM - sfm_longtrack (released)
SFM - sfm_vault (released)
SFM - sfm_colosseum (released)
SFM - sfm_manor_rooms (released)
SFM - sfm_flatvoid (released)
SFM - sfm_lakevoid (released)
SFM - sfm_supermarket (released)
SFM - sfm_parking (released)
SFM - sfm_colorvoid (released)
SFM - sfm_lavavoid (released)
SFM - sfm_restaurant (released)
SFM - sfm_lavapit (released)

TF2 Maps can be found on my ChrisBound group

TF2 - jump_academy (released)
TF2 - cp_spaceboard (released)
TF2 - race_circuit (released)
TF2 - tf2_d20 (private release)
TF2 - tf2_hexagon (private release)
TF2 - tf2_balloon_trip (released)
TF2 - ??? (in development)
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Chris!! Jan 26 @ 8:53am 
Sorry, I don't convert existing maps into nighttime variants anymore.
Phobias Jan 25 @ 6:27pm 
I'm just gonna make a Source filmmaker request here and if you're not interested I'll just move on. I've looked around and it seems no one's done a night map of the gorge map excluding the gorge event as I'm not looking for a Halloween themed map.
Betting Snow Jan 22 @ 5:04pm 
ok I hope they're able to recover their account. Thank you for contacting them :)
Chris!! Jan 22 @ 2:06pm 
@Betting Snow
Thank you for letting me know. I am a friend of him on Discord, and judging his status he is already aware of it.
Betting Snow Jan 22 @ 2:02pm 

Hey, some one on your friends list had their steam account stolen. I’ve been trying to get in contact with other friends of theirs, as I don’t have any other way of contacting them. This is the link to their account:

If you can contact them through discord, or any other way, please inform them that their steam account has been hijacked.
Stormix Dec 21, 2020 @ 11:41am 
<3 <3 <3