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Jonathan   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
EssentialsTF (PRINTSTREAM) Managing Director.
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Who am I?
I'm Jon, a veteran competitive TF2 broadcast producer/engineer and Director of EssentialsTF (Printstream Limited)
I have spent far too long in STV.
I also dabble in web development and charity fundraising through the TF2 community.

Things I do...
Managing Director for PRINTSTREAM [] & EssentialsTF []
Web Developer & Producer for HUGS []
Web Developer & Producer for Blapature Co. []

Things I used to do...
Camera/Producer/Owner of BlackOut TV []
Head Administrator of The Highlander Open []
Senior Administrator at BlackOut Gaming []
Observer/Producer for TeamFortress TV []
Observer/Producer for VanillaTV
Match Administrator of SaloonTF []
Lead Producer for DeutschLAN []
Newswriter for ETF2L []

Created The Highlander Open initiative in 2014 with over 5000 mostly-first time competitive players.
Head Producer of Insomnia61 TF2 Coverage.
Technical Producer for Insomnia63 + 65 (remote).
Director for Insomnia69 TF2 Coverage.
12,000 viewers concurrent on Twitch during i63 coverage (as part of EssentialsTF).
Involved in lots of charity events helping to raise over $350,000, including $103,000+ for BlapBash 2021.
Got married in 2022.

kKaltUu: Jon, you're an invaluable resource to me
kKaltUu: you're a flower, you're the sun
kKaltUu: you're ♥♥♥♥♥♥ perfect, never change

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