forbidden snacc
Anna   Laguna, Philippines

-busy with projects
-only goes online every 100 years
-barely talks
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About sending friend requests...
●I don't accept friend requests from random people
●If you have important questions, leave it as a comment on my profile
●If you want to be updated with the stuff I make, consider following me on steam or on twitter

If you're already in my friend's list, feel free to send me messages even when I'm offline if you need to inquire something urgent, I recommend it instead of waiting for me to go online (which I almost never do tbh)
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Fuzzo May 17 @ 12:18am 
Do you have a commission sheet anywhere? would be very convenient for when they're open
Patrick Jr. Apr 11 @ 4:28pm 
hope you've been well pybun <3
... Apr 9 @ 11:32pm 
In connection with the quarantine in the world, we conduct giveaways in support of players who are at home.
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Inferno Apr 7 @ 11:48am 
added to talk
forbidden snacc Apr 4 @ 3:02am 
no prob :cupup:
FalsO Apr 4 @ 3:01am 
thank you very much again