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If You Wish To Unfriend Me I Would Appreciate A Reason Why As I Dislike Silent Removes
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MINE But More So :akaneheart:

A True True Friend:balloonicorn:

Best Best Friend:FastFood:

Gives Me Hugs:demoticon:

Story Maker Buddy:pencil_icon:

Lilpip :3 :2016snocone:

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Aisha Remedy Oct 31 @ 11:01am 
*suddenly General is hit from behind head by chocolate bars* Treats for you!
Mr General 💙 Oct 31 @ 10:23am 
*Throws Candy*
Mr General 💙 Oct 31 @ 10:23am 
Aisha Remedy Oct 31 @ 10:22am 
Happy halloween!
Mr General 💙 Oct 14 @ 11:45am 
Of course you may be my friend, I was playing with another Friend at the time
Lt. Col. Über Oct 14 @ 11:00am 
No friends? I wish to fix this, please, allow me to friend you