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Additional information:
Hello and Welcome, my name is Atratzu {Pronounced “Ah-Trat-Zoo”}, I always strive to become better, better at video games, better at relations with others, better at my work, better with my reviews. I used to be a huge conversationalist and would perpetually be messaging people on my friends list... alas, times have changed, and I no longer have the free time I used to have. While I still tend to be a conversationalist, I'm more often caught up in one project or another (be it achievements, video reviews, written reviews or something in real life) .

Atratzu Steam Facts: I have never changed my alias, or my profile picture from the day I created my profile. I don't intend to do so either (You won't get confused who I am). I'm an over achiever (I try to get 100% completion or as close to 100% as possible). I started writing reviews in the winter of 2014, andI shifted my attention January 2016 to making YouTube Video Reviews.

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Please leave a comment first. It's nice knowing that someone took the time to read my profile. You'd be amazed how many people ignore the profile and just add. With no context I normally decline the invite.

:splitskull: My interests:
Martial arts, Video Games, Scifi movies. Graphic Design, Computers, Electronics, HTML, Anime, Pokémon, 3d modeling, birds, animals, etc.

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-Quick Review-
Star Wars Battlefront II was a first/third person shooter released to the PlayStation2, Xbox, and PC November 1, 2005 (Reference, Steam Store). The reason I state this is because "prepare yourself for PS2 and Xbox Generation Graphics.
The game plays like a capture the flag, base control, skirmish first/third person shooter game. Recently multiplayer was lost because of GameSpy's shut down, however there are ways within the community to bring back the multiplayer features. (check out the forums, Steam or Reddit)
-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: In the game you can play part of the story by playing Campaign Mode, "A shadow looms over the Republic. The Clone Wars have torn a rift across the Galaxy, its populace weak in allegiance and resolve." Basically you play the game as a member of the 501st Legion, Get used to hearing that, the clones will be sure to remind you every time you have a cut screen.
You play from the Geonosis Attack, (seen in Star Wars episode 2), fight on Kashyyyk, Corescant Jedi Temple, Kamino, The Death Star Hoth, and a number of other locations seen in the Star Wars universe.

(Having a star wars nerd moment, ignore if you don't care about the Expanded star wars universe)
I do need to highlight a problem with the lore, the Clones received genetic alterations that made them age much faster than usual human beings, twice as fast to be precise. A clone surviving from the battle on Geonosis would most likely die of old age before ever reaching Hoth.
Geonosis took place 22 BBY, Hoth 3 ABY, Most of the clones where in their 20's and 30's at the battle of Geonosis, so we're talking 60 to 70 year old cone troopers. But I digress, if you find this type of lore interesting I recommend checking out the Republic Commando books, I've read a great deal from them, I enjoy the Mandalorian back-story to the clone troopers.
(End of Expanded Universe Rant)

Game Play: The game controls like a standard first/third person shooter, the reason I refer to it as first/third is that you can change which mode you're playing with the options, I really liked playing in first person because the assault rifles would have scopes then. But to be honest third is probably a better way to play (you can see more).
I've never played any other Battlefront games but I assume they all have very similar controls, in this one you can jump, roll, crouch, and sprint. Sprinting and rolling require stamina to use. Each class has its own different set of abilities, skills, and tactics.
There are two categories: Land classes and space classes. You can have space battles in this game. I'll stick to the land classes to give an idea of the diversity in classes: Trooper, Heavy Weapons, Sniper, Engineer, Clone commander (special class 1), Jet trooper (special class 2). the special classes change based on which faction you're playing as, you can play as the Republic, CIS, Empire, or Rebel Alliance. There are also heroes in the game, so you can get in on some awesome lightsaber massacre action.
In addition to classes, there are various game modes, you can play a command and conquer style game called "conquest" you can play through the campaign, you can simple play a sequence of matches against NPC's set to regular or elite difficulty (I generally just played offline matches against npc's).

Achievements: There are no steam achievements for this game.

Price: Star Wars Battlefront II $9.99, I recommend waiting for a sale, this is a very old game, and you can take your time on waiting for a great sale. I believe I purchased my copy at 75-90% off.
The number of hours shown on steam is a little bit deceptive, I might only have 15 hours at this point, but I first played this game on the Playstation2, I loved it enough to buy it on steam, but it wouldn't load on my computer until I installed Windows7. So I've easily spent double that time or more. Additionally I do intend to play it more, it's one of those games where it's nostalgic value to me is high.

Conclusion: Remember this is an older game, wait for a sale, probably should be a star wars fan to enjoy it, multiplayer requires downloading third party software or you can just play against npc's. If you don't have a problem with anything I've listed, suit up trooper, the Battle awaits you! I recommend this game.

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All good brotherman
Atratzu Jul 9 @ 10:19am 
Welcome to profile d'Atratzu.

I dont disagree its kinda abserd, but some people find the reviews funny, and useful. (It also fits in with my "achievement complex") lol
Indeed im new here, just found it pretty funny youd write an essay over such a dumb game as sakura clicker. Also takes one to know one haha im socially awkward myself lolol xd!
Atratzu Jul 8 @ 1:10pm 
You must be new here; or haven't seen what I've written on other games over the past few years. Lol (Also people outside are scary, you can't make me, runescape)
u wrote a book about sakura clicker go outside talk to other people