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“Awakening is the state of decluttering yourself from the noise and getting in tune with your inner being.”
- Advait Danke

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Without music and gaming, life would be a mistake 🎼 🎶 🎮
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Awareness | Love | Compassion | Eternal Happiness
AtmaBodh | Dnyanottar Bhakti | Project Mauli
Nada Yoga | Ayurveda | RagaChikitsa | Music | Meditation
Wellness Vibe | BodhMarga Foundation


Happiness & Spiritual Life Coach :Wow_Love:

Meditation, Yoga, Sound & Frequency Expert :meditate:

Sound Therapist & Music Therapist 🎶

Diploma in Ayurveda & Nada Yoga :buddhistsymbol:

Bachlelors in Computer Science :crt:

Ex - Electronic Music Producer & DJ 🎹


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"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom & philosophy."
- Beethoven


:sunspeed: I'm not much into the trading scene, so don't expect any trades but hey you can always ask for offers :thumbsup:

:sunspeed: As for levelling up, I guess I'm done for now

:sunspeed: Thanks & have a nice day :served: :blissful_creep:
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Advait Danke | Wellness Vibe | BodhMarga Foundation
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Well where can I start about PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS?!

This game is the definition of battle royale!
Having watched the Japanese movie Battle Royale from which the game is inspired and ofcourse the almight PAN, PUBG doesn't disappoint!

PUBG sets the highest bar for last man standing genre and it is just amazing!

This game packs intense, funny, sad, happy, exciting, glitchy moments and much more! You name it!

I see many reviews complaining for cheaters/hackers, low optimization and I get it but common which game is not full of those?
Just give some more time to the developers and let them do the job which they are doing completely fine. Managing such high pressure and responsibility from the gamers community is tough!

Coming towards the game, this is the best game I have ever played till date, period.
PUBG gives an overall experience of third person shooter, first person shooter, survival, right amount of exploration and looting and the ambience/environment is just right!

The game gets super fun when you are playing with your friends and you just have a great time playing the duo and squad matches.
It's also great to play with random strangers, getting to know them and befriending them. I have managed to make 5 new awesome friends out of playing duo/squad matches and planning to make more!
Community is super good and supportive.

Here's some of my gameplay videos which are super easy to make with the support of Nvidia Shadowplay. Love it!

Can't wait for further updates, optimization, community support, modding and the DESERT map!

If you are in for a great shooting, intense, fun, battle royale game, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is the perfect game for you!
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:sunspeed: I'm not much into the trading scene,so don't expect any trades but hey you can always ask for offers :thumbsup:

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