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Yue Jul 4 @ 9:17am 
GlassArrow Jul 1 @ 10:53pm 
Hey, I saw that you made one of the chinese language mods for dont starve and was wondering if you could translate my mods page for me? Someone asked for a translation and I have been looking for someone that could do that for me. Let me know if you can do that, here's my mod link: Thanks for your time
lkiia (卷) Jun 8 @ 10:17am 
噢 原来是这样!对皮肤以及市场不太了解 还以为是其他的mod提供的外观... 感谢解惑~
adai1198 Jun 8 @ 10:06am 
在遊戲中跟一般skin一樣方式取得,或者上市集買,很便宜的 :DSTchester:
lkiia (卷) Jun 8 @ 7:12am 
你好!请问“Lasting End Table Decoration” mod中 不同的End Table外观是怎么获得的?因为看你也没有回复其他人 猜想或许是私人mod或者不方便告知?但还是想来确认一下 因为真的很好看 打扰了!:steamhappy:
[阿so小隊]脈點p May 29 @ 4:44pm