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~Current Gmod Server Ranks~
None at the moment.


~Former Gmod Server Ranks~

Former Super-Admin for Delta Community's DarkRP|TTT|Murder & Jail Break Server. (Sadly it shut down a long time ago)

Former Admin for Infinity Gaming's DarkRP Server. (Dead Server then Changed to IronFistRP)

Former Head-Admin for IronFistRP DarkRP Server. (Dead Server but then came back as IronFistRP V2)

Former Super-Admin for IronFistRP V2. (Died again for good, was a really good server)

Former Moderator for Undead Server's Star Wars RP Server. (Possibly shutdown, unsure)

Former Owner of Mythane-Servers (Through so much personal work to create fun Gmod servers, I was never able to populate them, but it sure was a lot of fun and tedious work)

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