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Hello, it is me, WannaBe a cool guy on the internet.

I really don't know how some people manage to ♥♥♥♥ a full box of words about themselves but I'm gonna keep it simple and maybe add some stuff over time. idk, I don't look how my steam profile looks.

Proud owner of the biggest Rat Stompers collection:
-strange team spirit footprints
-strange voices from below craft #24
-strange voices from below craft #45
-craft #2
-craft #4
-craft #66
-craft #74
-all levels 1-100
-second collection of all the levels in the making

Thank you Fish for keeping up the meme of eating and smacking rats
Thank you Jamal, Chris and others for gifting me a few pairs of stompers
Thank you Appah for selling me the #2 ones
Thank you Furahvo for not selling me #13 ones so I saved money for the #2 kek

TF2 Rocket jumping enthusiast
I fell in love with jumping when I watched my first ToTH years ago in 2016 and I wanted to be as cool as those people on the stream.
Slowly worked my way up to my ♥♥♥♥♥♥ skill level I'm at which is idk really.
Covid got me hooked on jumping and gaming again

Spell collector
Blue text go brrrrrrrrrrrr
Covid got me in the spending mood, now i have a sinister collection, mostly to cover all of the classes with a hat+misc, always have the KE+graybanns+bruisers combo to fall back onto.
Some stuff is even lowcraft and spelled, like the gym rat, hive minder and tartan spartan.
I don't even count in my weapon spells into my collection anymore lmao
Some cool post lifes I owned ages ago and now regret selling them since they exploded in price:
Strange FT Shell shocker w/ pumpkin bombs, FN Blasted Bombardier Sticky with pumpkin bombs
Strange Lurker's Leather(putrescent), Outta sight(die job), FT Blasted bombardier sticky(pumpkin bombs), FT Liquid asset(pumpkin bombs), FT Liquid assed(double spelled)

Surf enthusiast
Most of the time chilling on KSF CS:GO server, from time to time I hop on CS:S one too.
Like T1/T2 surfer, if I get lucky I can complete a T3 map as well
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Sissy Hypnosis Oct 14 @ 10:50pm 
hello I have 4
Mann Co. Supply Munition #84
Picca Oct 13 @ 10:46am 
Have sent a trade offer, please check
BLZP40 Oct 1 @ 9:16am 
have an offer for ya, added mate.
diablocu26 Sep 13 @ 12:13pm 
Hey, sent you trade offer for crates. If not sure feel free to add and talk. Good day! ^^
King of Spies Sep 11 @ 6:21pm 
MaKine LEB Sep 1 @ 4:23am 
souvenir do you want to buy items