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"Fresh, fresh, fresh!!!!" he calls out to you.

The squirrels nearby look on in confusion and mild annoyance.

A. You hesitate for a moment, but grab the carrot cake, take a bite and walk away. Hey, it's petty goo---- zZzZZZzZzZzZz

B. You FIRMLY grasp the carrot cake, holding it up as high as you possibly can. As the porcelain plate gleams in the light, you raise your fork with your right hand and let out a primeval scream from deep within. From the bottom of your diaphragm, a mighty roar echoes throughout the forest, “I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!” — as every single bird in a 1 mile radius flutters out of their feathers in sheer fright. As the blinding light subsides, you notice the rabbit laying on the ground, stunned and confused. They pick themselves up and adjust their spectacles, “why, you are a jolly excita—“ before the rabbit can finish, You throw the rabbit a squeeze of acknowledgement on their paw so firmly that you accidentally swing them into a nearby brazier, knocking the fire over, setting the forest ablaze in the process. Sheer, utter chaos, billowing smoke, screeching animals behind you, you skip away triumphantly, out the forest, with your carrotcake. Quest Complete! New Item Obtained : Drugged Carrotcake

C. Time passes after declining the carrot cake. One day, you return home. But you find it not the place you knew. The voices of the children laughing and playing, the melody of songs, the bartering through the bustling market, all these had come to pass. All that was left was silence and isolation that hung in the still air.
Left alone. A voice slowly fading in the distance calls out but never reaches. The voice stops calling. Left alone for so long, the silence stops whispering. Life opens her book, but there is nothing to be read on the pages. Nothing remains but pages upon pages of lines of faded dream and memory. Memoirs of a dream that was dreamt in an age long past, a dream that once instilled a memory of a place far away, a dream of home. Home, where the sky blushes blue, quiet giants loom in the distance peaking with soft white dreams, and the streams of the meadows gently trickle down the neverending fields of green. Home was out there somewhere, detached from the world beyond. Somewhere out there, beyond the silence. You search, but the pages in your story run out. Soon, hope fades away.
Beyond the horizon far, a child dreams of you. In the midst of his dream, a child perceives a strange figure sitting by his bedside. He looks at it filled with wonder. Who was this? What happened to them? It was unlike anything other than the child had known. But before the child can imagine, they smile, lay some carrot cake by the child's bedside and tuck them away. The next day, the child wakes up, he wonders about the strange figure and the carrotcake, but can't quite seem to remember it. Each day, the little corner of memory it had in the child's heart soon enclosed upon him. Each day it faded away a little more. "Carrotcake ... now where have I heard that phrase before?"

D. The carrot cake is inevitable. The carrot cake never forgets. The carrot cake never forgives. The carrot cake is coming for you.

E. You tell the rabbit "you were unsure of the carrot cake and needed more convincing." The rabbit then proceeds to upsell you their carrot cake. You get upsold. Lose 500 gold, 5 dignity and 5 morale. F.

F. Lorem Ipsum Undefined Textium QUEST FAILED

G. You laugh at the rabbit's pathetic carrot cake, and you whip out your own carrot cake slice out of your pants pocket. The rabbit's jaw sinks to the ground as they gasp in disbelief, their cheeks furiously blushing red. "l-l-look at the sh-sheer size of that carrot cake s-slice! Look how thick and creamy it is!" You throw your carrot cake at the rabbit and they practically die. Quest Complete! Rabbit neutralized.
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Hello there. I have been waiting for SOME TIME.

The content below is not important and holds no clues.

Keeping track of my "unluckiness"

571 Crates unboxed | 150 during Halloween 2016 during double chance, so technically 721 crates unboxed
D. Pres Neckwear Headwear uncrated after 353 crates.
Clairvoyance Brain Warming Wear unboxed after 452 crates.

915 CSGO cases unboxed. 0 knives and 2 coverts so far. (first covert after literally 667 cases xD (m4a4 neo noir ft) (took long enough XD)
second covert after 839 cases (m4a4 neo noir mw)

And let's not mention the operation stars too.

$2318.8 spent on tradeups (mostly ST FN AK case hardened tradeups) -- $675 returned so far.
Managed to get ONE st FN AK CH out of 2x 50/50 st fn tradeups.

That's like -- $6,000+ spent for Jack and Squat! Thanks, Gaben!

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go accept please
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alright, yeah i didnt want to bargain or anything, might take it out once my own skins are tradeable, hopefully you'll be awake in the morning :)
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for trade
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I miss your fun classified listings
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+rep such a good person! <3
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if u can lower ak vulcan on empire to 158 coins