Jeremy   France
Hi, my name is Jeremy

Basic info :

Online :Feel free to talk to me or invite me for a game

-Away: I'm away or suddently had / have got to go

-Busy: Am watching some vids or doin homework and stuff, i'll answer you, but it might take some time

-Offline: Am gone or sleeping

-Wants to play: I want to chatt / play something but don't know what or want to play with you guys

-Want to trade: I don't use this

Thanks for reading this

You can check the info box for more details :happymeat:
Currently In-Game
Destiny 2
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About me
:otan: MY SETUP :otan:

:blaser: The case :blaser:

:mana: CPU : Intel Core i9-9900K
:mana: GPU : Gigabyte RTX 2080 SUPER GAMING OC 8G
:mana: Cooler : NZXT Kraken X62
:mana: RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16 Go
:mana: Motherboard : Msi MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
:mana: Case : NZXT H700i
:mana: PSU : Corsair TX750M
:mana: HDD : 2To + 500Go
:mana: NVMe M.2 : Samsung 970 evo 250Go + 1To

:laser: Devices :laser:

:mana: #1 Screen : Acer KG241P 144 Hz
:mana: #2 Screen : AOC 24B1XHS 60 Hz
:mana: Mouse : Razer Deathadder
:mana: Keyboard : Logitech G413
:mana: Headset : Logitech G533 Wireless
:mana: VR Headset : Valve Index

:killenemy: Music :killenemy:

:theorb: Project Dreams

:theorb: Riles - Energy

:theorb: Hot

:theorb: Eastside

:theorb: Home

:theorb: Fast

:theorb: Shenanigans

:theorb: Roberry

:theorb: 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot

:theorb: Are we still young

:theorb: The Mystic

:theorb: Nock Em

:theorb: Outbreak

:theorb: LollyBomb

My Games outside Steam :mug: :

Assassin's creed : Origins :pewpewpewpew: Rainbow Six : Siege :pewpewpewpew: Overwatch :pewpewpewpew: Battlefield Hardline :pewpewpewpew: Battlefield 4 :pewpewpewpew: Battlefield 3 :pewpewpewpew: GTA 4 :pewpewpewpew: GTA V :pewpewpewpew: Far cry 4 :pewpewpewpew: Far cry 3 :pewpewpewpew: Titanfall :pewpewpewpew: Need for speed rivals :pewpewpewpew: Crysis 3 :pewpewpewpew: Battlefield 1942 :pewpewpewpew: Mirror's edge :pewpewpewpew: Medal of honor : Warfighter :pewpewpewpew: Dead space :pewpewpewpew: Minecraft :pewpewpewpew: Osu! :pewpewpewpew: The crew

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50 hrs on record
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29 hrs on record
last played on Oct 24
213 hrs on record
last played on Oct 21
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Kenzie Oct 6 @ 5:38am 
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no no! you !
Tewe Sep 5 @ 6:07am 
You weeb
Kenzie Jul 24 @ 10:56am 
"Croissants or we riot." - The French in 1789, probably
MAD SHOPPING Jun 26 @ 10:49am 
thanks for the trade mate! i apreciate it ! +REP :pseudopost: