What I Like :: Shmups, RPGs, Dungeon Crawlers, Pinball, Arcade games, Metroidvanias, Roguelikes, Souls-likes, unique themes, and older games.
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My favorite Shmups on Steam
The Tale of Alltynex (Alltynex Second is the best but all three games are excellent.)
Jamestown (One of the very first shmups on Steam. Still excellent and now finally updated to plus version.)
Astro Tripper (Another early Steam shmup. Levels on floating platforms. Near-perfect mechanics.)
Raiden IV (Has a stupid bug that prevents offline play. GOG's version might be the one to get.)
Armed Seven (Astro Port has several good shmups on Steam now. This is my favorite of theirs.)
Deathsmiles (Wonderful gothic setting and artwork. Cave's games are legendary for good reason.)
1993 Space Machine (Probably the best Euroshmup on Steam. Originally developed for the Amiga.)
Revolver360 (Damned difficult 2.5D bullet hell that looks and sounds fantastic.)
Rheum (Uniquely grotesque downward-scrolling bullet hell with an end goal at the human sphincter.)
Danmaku Unlimited 2 and 3 (Awesome high-energy doujin shmups with deep score systems.)
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coolieandpoe Sep 22 @ 10:24am 
@ThreeSon Alrighty, thanks a lot! I know that the Piko games generally have their ROMs available, but since this one only listed Piko as a developer and not publisher I wasn't sure. It's annoying for the average person buying an interesting game just to have it run poorly by default, but I appreciate the fact that they leave the ROM available to people to use on other emulators if they wish to.
ThreeSon Sep 21 @ 9:16pm 

I'll leave the reply here in hopes you will see it. Both Iridion and Iridion 2 are emulated, poorly, on Steam. They are both using the Mednafen emulator. And the ROM files do appear to be accessible in each game's Steam directory. I successfully loaded them into RetroArch with the mGBA core.
coolieandpoe Sep 21 @ 3:54pm 
Seeing that you own Iridion 3D on Steam, I have two questions regarding the game, if you can answer them. Is the game an emulation or a port, and if it's an emulation, is the .gba ROM of the game accessible within the game's Steam files? I'm compiling a list of Steam games that are emulated and I can't seem to find a definitive answer regarding the Iridion games.
ThreeSon Mar 31 @ 4:34am 

If you get this message before accepting my friend request... 99% chance the problem you're having is because the file that you downloaded from Google Drive is not in the right folder. It needs to be in the userdata folder, not the main Midnight Club 2 folder.

If you're still having trouble I can help you with it tomorrow but I'm going to sleep a few minutes after I write this.
Nirogue Aug 24, 2019 @ 12:13pm 
Hello, I came from a thread you made on your custom controller configurations on Midnight Club 2, and was wondering if you could help me with this strange issue.

I did everything as you said (I'm using Option 1, for Auto and Manual Transmission), but when I enter the game to check if the controls are correct, the controls aren't the same. No R2 or L2 working, no Options button to Pause working either, etc.

I wanted to know what I have to do in order to get it exactly as your setup. Thanks!
Mike Jul 15, 2019 @ 1:27pm 
Thanks for leaving the information regarding the steam controller under my review of Tobe's vertical adventure.