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"Most people who don't fuck with me ain't ever shook my hand"

Feeling: Empty
Name: ???
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Music: Heavy Metal/Rock/Rap
My Twin and an Amazing Person: Grooooooovy

Just move along, if you don't care. Then I don't either. I don't need to hear what you have to say, let that fall on someone else.

"I deserve to be damaged, it's a hurt I can manage
I can take physical pain, it's the words that are savage
My nerves are just ravaged, a small disturbance is all but certain
to cause turbulence and of course they urge me to panic
I'm scared of blood but never backed down from a brawl
Stand up for myself, never sat down on the wall
I'll go toe to toe until I'm passed out on the floor
One of us is going to hospital, that's how much I'm raw
Look what you made me do"

Jezuel : small dick jutsu

I lost my best friend July 01, 2018

Kelli: "Well, you have the dick."

Kelli was here~
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I can't be upset over something I've done myself right?
No, of course not
That would be hypocritical
Is it wrong to think that I myself am the root of most issues that I face
Other than the fact that without that existence there wouldn't be those issues to be had
The progenitor of the issues and negativity around me
I may be mad, crazy, psycotic, insane. But so are you
The difference between us is that I accept who I am and allow the madness to drive me
Not retreat from my own mind to find some calm that won't come
The darkness in one is greater than the sum of its parts
In a way its exponential

So, am I insane
Or do I see everything for what it is
Perhaps more sane than everyone else
And that's the reason I'm found to be insane
The ramblings in my head that allow me to see things clearly
Even when the mood or tone of everything is dreary
The awful feeling of dread that walks around in my head
Only because there's no one like me to talk to, but instead
I wallow in the bed, talking to the dead
In the off chance that one of these times it will clear my head
But no,
These things that I hear, and the life that I see
Walking down this path with no one standing next to me
Im insane
Trapped in my own brain
I know it
All I feel is pain

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+/-rep you're legit sitting in the bathroom naked eating icecream cake, wha tthe fuck dude lmfao I'm crying
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Happy Anniversary hun :) It's been one hell of a time! I wouldn't change these past 6 months for anything. :heart_me:
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I love you :ss3dHeart2: You owe me a massage though D:<
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I like your butt and think I miss that the most so far c:<
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That's a whole lot of teasing coming from the guy who went to go take a shit and ended up drinking a third of a gallon of milk while on the toilet instead bud
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+rep let's me steal his pillows so I can comfortably browse the internets while he sleeps