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I gave her "The Look"I got that geometric rizz

I have geniunlly no idea how to explain why slay the princess is so good so I'll do a basic summary. Slay the princess is a game where you are a violent maniac with the goal of murdering a "princess" who then decided that murder is way lamer then rizzing her up.

Spoilers on off, please I beg you even if you think the game looks cool don't spoil this for you, even if you never play the game dont risk it. Alrighty obvious stuff, the art is divine, it perfectly conveys the mood in scenes and during the more surreal and symbolic scenes it still looks magnificent, I'm not surprised at all that the supporters pack includes so many wallpapers every frame of this game obviously has so much effort put into it, and the desaturated art style makes color pop so much more then it would normally but this is the worst aspect. Not because the other aspects leave it in the dust, everything is peak, its just that I am very jealouse of the art style :}

the music, music is something that even if its good you don't notice until listening to it in post and yeah, the music goes hard. The character specific ones being altered versions of the princesses theme and world ender is also a amazing idea, original? Not fully, does that matter? ♥♥♥♥ no, the themes for all the princesses and other misc ones also fit the characters or areas really well. Not too much to gush over in this aspect since I'm an art kid not a music one I don't know why I like the music I just know it slaps harder then advisary.

Writing is a pretty hard aspect to explain why it's well made but I will attempt my best to explain this fever dream. The goal to kill the princess and not die or the job gets way harder is super cool, whenever a branch started I always thought, "Okay, how the ♥♥♥♥ do I get out of this mess" but I never really though "WUH, WHAT DO MEAN I JUST [EXAMPLE] THATS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥" basiclly, ♥♥♥♥ clean. The parts where you interact with lets call her true princess were great, the perfect amount of artsy and vague but understandable, the last section didnt feel like you needed to choose between the good or bad ending, it felt like a choice of ideals and I THROUGHLY enjoyed the idea and execution, very gamer. The silly sections of the game like getting your, ahem, "rizz" on felt fairly natural and It deffinatly didn't feel overdone like the game was too scarred to take itself seriously, it felt like it wanted to crack a joke every once in a while but not "Erm, shes a god now, what that godussy feel like amiright?". As someone who believes themselves pretty good at some specific types of writing this ♥♥♥♥ goated, deffinatly the best visual novel I've ever played, if this changes I will drag my sorry ass over here and edit this review. So yeah, slay the princess is a better love story then titanic fight me, but please don't I am very frail.

Basiclly this is the greatest video game ever, dommmy mommys? Yes. Murder? Yes. Razor? Yes.
Since if you read allat you probably already own this game umm. I dunno what to tell you, some guy on the internet thinks you have good taste? Also you're kind of cute :}

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