The Baddest Rat
Dusty   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Everyone thinks that I'm a bad rat, and I am, but I'm not a bad rat. :bomberrat:

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How exactly did I get my revenge you ask? Well, it's kind of a long story. It was a dark and stormy night. My mother and father were walking down the sidewalk with me. Our house was across the street. We started to cross together and made it halfway through, when suddenly we saw two bright white lights coming at us so fast that my father barely had enough time to push me across the street. All I heard was a loud *klunk*, then it all went black. I awoke and saw my mother and father soaked with blood in the middle of the street, while a big yellow cat with a scar over his left eye sped away faster than the speed of sound. After that night, I had devoted my life to get revenge by cleaning up all of the filth that was on the streets once and for all. I trained hard and recruited many fellow rats to fight for my cause.

We all had one enemy, the cats. We had all been dealing with them for way too long. They would threaten us, beat us, kill us, and they even took away the ones we loved. It was our time to shine. We loaded up with cannons, bows and arrows, baseball bats, and even vacuums. We were ready to clean up all of the trash on our streets once and for all. The first cat was tough to kill, since we had no idea what we would be up against. We lost Jerry and Milton in the process, but we all knew what was on the line in order to exterminate all of the cats. After the 10th cat, we didn't even pay attention to the ones that had died because we had become used to it. After 20, it seemed that some were just killing the cats for sport. The 30th cat was a bit stronger. It had wiped out over half of our entire army, but Crazy Steve strapped on his vest and let himself get swallowed, where he detonated the cat and saved many of our lives that day.

I will never forget the sacrifice he made. It was a rough day. Cat 39 had killed all but 8 of us. There was only one left. The next day, I saw him. He had a scar. It was him. It was the one who had killed my parents. I had trained my whole life for this moment. I had done everything I could to get the revenge I wanted. It was my moment. The first rat had blown himself up, along with the second rat. The third rat ran right into the cat and was devoured almost instantly. The fourth rat shot his bow and arrow straight up into the air and it went straight through his skull. The fifth rat had fallen on the sixth rat and crushed him, then was ran over by the seventh rat's bulldozer, who then was blown up by the sixth rat's bomb vest. It was just me. Me against the one who had killed my family. The one who had taken everything away from me when I was a child. The one who ruined my life and the sole reason of my hatred for cats. That didn't matter anymore. All I wanted was my revenge. I took the seventh rat's bulldozer, and I went full speed right up the cat's pooper. With my bomb vest on, I drove up as far as I could. I drove through his intestines and all around. I did all I could do in order to win. I didn't care anymore. I was almost there. I could almost taste the sweet revenge. I strapped the vest to the cat's heart, drove as fast as I could out of the cat's mouth. I was on his tongue when the blast went off. I was launched out of his mouth, and I watched as his eyes popped out of his skull and his head exploded and his guts went everywhere. I was soaked in blood and with a smile on my face, I said, "Many before me have tried, but only the baddest will succeed."

Only in your darkest hours, can you finally become a Bad Rat.
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Created by - The Baddest Rat
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In this guide, I will direct you how to join our cause and become a Bad Rat. With the gifting system going down, we've had to remove one of the requirements. Sorry for any trouble that this update has caused to the recruitment process.
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If you want in, you have to be one of the baddest.
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