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Former TF2 trader, now a Stellaris modder, hit me up if you've got any mod ideas or need help with your mod. (I can also do stuff in CK2/EU4/HOI4)

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Thane-Stus Mar 14 @ 12:02pm 
@KWZ Dont know if youll see this or not but heres a compatibility patch for ZBB, let me know if you find any issues.
Thane-Stus Mar 13 @ 1:29pm 
@KWZ Probably a file conflict ill put out a compatibility patch soonish
KWZ Mar 13 @ 12:51pm 
Hello, I am writing regarding one of your mods (!Lots of Traditions - Only PT & EST). This mod interferes with "ZBeautiful Battles" mod. I haven't done much testing but I noticed that my corvettes leave tails of vanilla length. I tested "Expanded Stellaris Traditions" and "Plentiful Traditions 2.2.5" separately (EST+ZBB and PT+ZBB), they worked fine (corvette tails were short). Is there a patch of some kind or will there be one to fix this?

Sorry for commenting here and not in the mod page, but for some reason I can't comment there. If you need screenshot proof or something, I would prefer communication through Discord (@KWZ). Thanks for your time.
Thane-Stus Mar 2 @ 5:15pm 
@Ariel283 Send me the files and ill put em up
Ariel283 Mar 2 @ 5:03pm 
Hey, Thane-Stus, I've made a compability patch between your ISB version and NSC, and as I don't have the game in this account I can't upload the files. If you could do it for me just respond to this message.
Lavish Jun 15, 2015 @ 12:44pm