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This account is VAC banned.
If you're looking for my non-VAC-banned alternate TF2 account, you can find it here.
I don't play TF2 on this account, and I can't trade any of my items, so please stop asking.

æ.Coop : nah our medic is a beast we got this
æ.Coop : our med is literally top fragging lol

Fox : medic im sure you get this a lot but
Fox : you're amazing aha

viktor.kotsev : med totaly saved my sentrys too many times i lost count

Crystal Tundra : Thx medic!

Hell-met: hard shield carry

Mr.Friend : pyro focus on soldier
Mr.Friend : they have vacc
Swordstone : yes i know
Swordstone : i made this mission
thankful : lmao

Overlord Lettuce : You're bloody awesome pyro

phi : at this point you dont even question it this engis a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ wildcard
『Jujube』 : She masters the secret, forbidden techniques of old masters.
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Because the most fun medigun in the game really needs a good Australium version. Made as a submission for the Canteen Crasher community MvM contest. Use it as a skin for the normal Vaccinator by downloading it here. Credit to Psyke, Pie_Savvy, Frying Dutch
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Status - Pending, Created by - Swordstone²
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A home for MvM mappers, mission makers, modders, and players interested in creating and playing MvM content!
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Finally 100m, on the last possible day :D
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