Spooky, The Ooze
Some Zoroark-obsessed lunatic residing in   Oslo, Norway
The Steam profile of some Norwegian dumbass who likes collecting TF2 items, has an absurd amount of overall play time on Heavy, and has a very unhealthy obsession with Zoroarks.
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Autobiography of a Heavy Main
It's really not, it was just the first title idea that popped into my head. Anyways, hello, I go by the alias Spooky, The Ooze and I main Heavy. Yeah, "Wow, an actual Heavy main," crazy, I know. I've been called a furry in Casual lobbies on several occasions because I like Zoroarks, and it's just as amusing every time honestly. Same goes for being accused of cheating, though that trend has died down as of late... likely because I don't play as much Casual as I used to.

I'll also alias occasionally but I will never change my profile so one can know who I am at all times.

If you're trying to add me then leave a comment saying why you're doing so. Sending a friend request without leaving a comment will just result in me denying it, especially if I don't know who you are. Also, please stop adding me for trade-related reasons such as to "offer" or to "discuss," I am NOT interested and will not accept your request. The trade offer function exists for a reason, use it. My inventory will always be public and I can always receive trade offers.

Oh look, a convenient trade offer link.
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Slemmy May 20 @ 2:42pm 
norsk tung våpens spesialist
Brickbrock May 6 @ 1:50pm 
Nice playing with the legendary mvm heavy guy!
Eitherdiamond19 May 2 @ 11:57am 
+rep Good heavy
gibus gets all the pussy May 2 @ 10:49am 
nice ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ toggle on me
and also nice botted profile, 16k hours but only 88 hours on heavy AND started playing in 2022
viken Apr 29 @ 2:29pm 
Kul blekksprut
severe smoking addict Apr 28 @ 11:28am 
enjoy the summer hat, doubt I'll ever see it resurface