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🍀R A P T O R💚 Apr 21 @ 6:44am 
added to ask a question
~Roxelle~ Apr 20 @ 4:38pm 
Hello Socks, I love your work and was wondering If I could add you to discuss an Idea I had. :)
DMtheki7 Apr 17 @ 3:56pm 
Is there a possibility you could port Dark Hightower to TF2?
_Reznor Apr 17 @ 3:03pm 
Please Friend Me...
Buzz Lightgear Apr 14 @ 10:09pm 
These are some Ideas I hade you can make a model if you want and you a SFMer like Winglet

The Blaster is a weapon focused on air blasting
Primary for the Pyro
-Airblast cost 20% less
-Airblast 10% faster
-On sucsesful reflect gain 25 Health
-On sucsesful reflect kill gain 75 health
-If you air blast/reflect nothing lose 25 health
-No after burn
-10% damage penalty

Soda Bonk is a soda jug that you launch at peaple
Melee for the scout
-On hit fill fizz meter(4-6 hits to fill)
-When fizz is full Press M2 to launch a projectile, this will cause a mini explosion the size of a scorch shot that is A bit faster that a rocket will deal 50 damage reagardles of damage falloff.
-30% damage penalty
-If you wait for too long the fizz meter will decrease 1 every 40 seconds
-Fizz will not deacrease if it's full

=Stannis= Apr 12 @ 11:37pm 
Hi there, I can imagine you get a lot of these sorts of messages but I'm in the market for some SFM commission work. Big fan of your stuff and hope to be able to send some work your way. Drop me a message if you would like to talk details, thanks.