3D modeler, texturer and all things inbetween.   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Please don't add me unless you know me or if it's for work related reasons (if so tell me what it is exactly). Leave a comment as to why you're adding me.


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Godlike Aug 15 @ 2:01am 
i wanna add you because i'm thinking about make a animation with my own map and props,
with blender, but i dont know how to do it thats why i add you so please accept =D
Cant explain here
Its Francis. Aug 6 @ 4:54am 
Hi i want to make comedy for next saxxy i would be pleasd to work and lern from you. I know you probaly wont accept it but i would be really happy If you would accept it.
DubThink Jul 27 @ 3:16pm 
Hello! I'm working on a map for the 72 hour map jam and am wondering if I can use props from lazarus and if there's an easy place to get them.
GooglyGazer Jul 18 @ 3:47am 
Heya Sedi! We're a group of fine folks who's started up a project for the next annual Saxxies, and currently we're looking to recruit the rest of the crew. Its gonna be exciting, ambicious and i'll show you all about it if you're interested! We sure could use someone with your marvelous skills to join in on this. Hope to hear from you soon!
-GooglyGazer and Team
Rea-per Jul 7 @ 7:35am 
Medic please help me <3