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its ok i guess

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Xtreme_Shoot 25 sept. à 11h59 
Beffed *erk is masterpiece. :-) <3
5 sept. à 16h12 
Hi!, I wanted to add you to the list of contributors for using your wagon model in one of my maps, thanks!
ᵖᵃᵖᵃ Lox 29 aout à 19h41 
Hello, I love the airborne attire. How would I get started in creating cosmetics for tf2?
76561199106754318 15 aout à 10h15 
Signed by me :) lets play csgo
Kerf 30 juil. à 7h36 
I have a 3D model that just needs texture finishes, would you be willing to do a commission to help me finish it
Janne Dough 29 juin à 0h32 
DMs please