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Keldos 26. Nov. um 18:57 
hey, i sent you a friend request so i can add you as a contributor for a map
MilkMaster72 19. Nov. um 12:52 
hey, id like to ask a few questions about some custom assets you made for tf2. please respond asap
Cheddar 23. Okt. um 4:23 
Hello! I noticed that you helped contribute the Brimmed Bootlegger, I found a problem with its physics mesh and was wondering if you would like the fixed files?
Here's a reference to what I'm talking about, Thanks!
Red Pop Mouse 21. Okt. um 19:32 
thanks for the surgeon's squeezebox.
+Rep Can you update to Beffed ? :-D Please ! i want add to game! :-') Please Mann! Valve you too! now for thank you !
Queenieヽ(◠‿◠🎀) 1. Okt. um 23:11 
+Rep add me pls^^