Tobias   Stuttgart, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany
I do not sell my unusuals and australiums, because I am using them. Any attempt of trading/scamming will be denied!
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I am happy to have people around me, that like, respect and even love me at some point, and I am still working on my part as entertaining, nice and calm guy in this community.
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You'll find me most of the time on | Dedicated Server III | EU
Syvro Mar 1 @ 12:00pm 
 |``--,...     `` * |
  i ヽ           :;
  \ 彡           ミ
  〉    ●  .  ●   ミ
  彡    ``   人     ミ
  彡:                ミ
,︵I:       つ:8bitheart:⌒ 
UpTech Jan 22 @ 12:48am 
Apology accepted, i take back what i said in my earlier comments. Have a good day Sir.

-UpTech - Head of UpTech Inc.
Icy Jan 8 @ 7:47am 
weve met us in jump academy
Dwemer ♥ Jan 3 @ 2:42pm 
PlaytestDS Jan 3 @ 2:41pm 
Syvro Jan 3 @ 12:44pm 
Garket Mardening