Quiglz   New York, New York, United States
Leave a comment before adding. Serious about a high-tier/cash trade? Send an empty offer with a note/what you want! I'm more likely to see it.
Currently working on a Coop plugin for Black Mesa []
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I'm a full-stack web developer and have extensive experience in dealing with the Steam API.

Currently my dev focus is on the SourceCoop [] plugin for Black Mesa servers. Own Black Mesa and wanna play? My server's IP is - or you can find it on the public server list as SourceRuns Official Black Mesa CO-OP []

I don't (usually) accept random friend requests, so leave a comment if you can. As long as you're not a ♥♥♥♥, we'll get along :3

Some of my Projects
- Case Simulator []
- Tradeup Contract Float Calculator []

Trade Stuff
I won't accept ♥♥♥♥♥♥ offers, but if I decline something you think is fair, feel free to add me and we can negotiate but I'm more likely to see if you send another offer with a note saying you want to figure something out.

Trade URL!

Please make sure you are trading with me. I have a lot of impersonators - look out for my 15 years of service and level 346+ profile!

Cash Trading
For cash trading, I'm willing to accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or ACH/Wire Transfers. If you do not have a cashrep or you have less reputation, then you must send the money and/or trade offer first.

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340 Hours played
An absolutely incredible recreation of Half-Life. I played the original mod back in 2012 which surpassed my expectations, but this final release completely obliterated that. This is a *must play* game for any Half-Life fan. It expands on so many story elements and includes an amazing incredible amount of worldbuilding (especially in Xen) that I was not expecting. It took me about 30-35 hours so it's well worth it. Also I want to note how amazing the graphics and music are. Joel Nielsen deserves an award for the incredible composition and sound design he put into this game. No game has blown me away like this since Portal 2. Just play it.

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𝘋𝖤𝘋𝖤𝘍™ Sep 16 @ 10:46am 
+rep sing prof plz
{λ²}blλnco{11/11} Sep 6 @ 6:35am 
张乐乐 Sep 1 @ 5:59am 
hi interested in ur 541 karambit
Lauurenss Aug 30 @ 12:26pm 
Hi, im interested in your gamma doppler m9 i've sent you a trade feel free to accept or ask about it :)
-Niksonn Aug 28 @ 9:33am 
nice profile mate. have a nice day
SlimeHero Aug 26 @ 3:06pm 
I currently own the #11 or 12 something most battle-scarred P90 sand spray. It used to be #1 but I took a hiatus and in that time you and others beat me. I am GREATLY interested in yours.