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Hello, I am Red, Sorcery, Azurite, or even Azu. I write for a living. I try to keep my writing ideas and just anything that has relation to my work-in-progress book universe to myself unless expressed some kind of interest.

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{ i } "Hello, stalker."

I am a writer by trade, and also a scholar of the past. I'm an entire package of social problems that are probably now a good part of my personality and I'm not exactly trusting of everyone to share what those problems are but I've gotten to grips with it and work along with it. I'm more paranoid than a veteran demolitions expert when it comes to sharing about myself, but I'm fine with sharing my ideologies and philosophies if you pick my brain about it... Just don't pick too much.

I'm not much of an idle talker and I usually don't have qualms about sharing what's on my brain at the moment, I emotionally shut myself off quite often and there are some exceptions to that but I'd rather keep those to myself. For those curious, don't even bother getting attached to me for an intimate relationship, they're at their best when they happen naturally in a mutual sense.

{ i } "Looks could kill."

{ i } "Feel free to message me but sometimes I might not reply mainly due to me sleeping or just don't feel like talking. The former is more common."

{ i } "I'm most likely not going to reply to whatever messages come to me, I'm trying to get some immersion and such."

{ i } "In bed or just generally AFK. Try getting me at Telegram or maybe Discord."

{ i } "This is a rarely intentionally set status, as my internet loves to go out every so often or my power flicked and my PC is rebooting. It's rarely ever a thing for me to just set myself as offline or turn off my PC."

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{ i } "Basically other sites, instant messaging services, or MMOs you can find me at."

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This game really fills a niche, being that it's meant to get you into a more realistic survival sense with proper preparation and rest before you decide to tackle something.

Combat's clunky for sure, but it does feel intentional and solid due to how much it's discouraged to take on more than several opponents without some kind of advantage or traps set on your side. Although, fighting beasts and monstrosities before you requires the tip top shape and quality of equipment and all the skills you learnt for your play-style.

Visually, it looks wonderful environmentally and a lot of places are required to be memorable for you to make out your spot on the map. It's quite good in that department until you look at the slightly uncanny-valley faces of people. But it doesn't bring down the whole experience.
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