[RA:HHR-5] Rain
Rain Petrikov Khol   United States
Stressed? Have anxiety? Just listen to Pink Floyd, dummy.
I guess thats what I am

“...I am actually a socialist. Just not the kind that shifts resources from most productive to least productive,
pretending to do good, while actually causing harm. True socialism seeks greatest good for all.” - Elon Musk

I run a server franchise with 12 servers, and a faction, all for the community <3

Favorite skrubs -
Tyler "Cumshot Carl" Edwards
Micahmunch the ass muncher
Mandown the pleb
Newlogan the logang

> is playing insurgency "Huh.. this map kinda reminds me of insurgency" - Tyler 2018
"A p38 fighter plane just ran me the fuck over" "Yeah, they do that" - Tyler 2018
"So I had a knife and I was trying to cut a slice of my paper" - Tyler 2018
"I'm ashamed of what I did for a klondike bar" -Tyler 2018
"I'm gonna go coal mining for wood" - Tyler 2017
"You remember the guy from spongebob eating the mushrooms?" - Tyler 2017
"bumbums like, the chief, and I don't have a hat".. "well I have a party hat" -bumbum 2016
"It's so cold that it's burning everything" Tyler - 2017
"RAIN IF YOUR GONNA GET IN GET IN RIGHT NOW" proceeds to run me over - Tyler 2017
"THERES A MOTHERFUCKING TANK HERE" proceeds to get blown up - Rain 2017
"ill brb someones at my door" proceeds to hear a gunshot - Newlogan 2017
"that old game i used to play on my gamecube: GTA V" - Tyler 2017
"I honestly didn't mean to do that" - Tyler 2018
"I just found enough clothes to start a hardware store!" - Tyler 2018
"I wish a piano would fall on your mom" - Tyler 2018
"I'm gonna eat this paper because it smells like french fries" - Tyler 2018
"Theres a reason the thief outfit is black" - Newlogan 2018
*slams door open* "UR GON' EAT DAT CHICKEN" - Mandowns abusive dad 2018
"Why is the gun store not black if it's biggest consumers are black?" - Caleb 2018
"It's not a slug jug, it's a slug jug" - Micahmunch 2018
"Don't shoot, I have a gun!" - Micahmunch 2017
"tylers getting bitches lmao, i wonder what robotic pussy taste like" "Tongue a toaster and find out" - Tyler 2018
"why is the glass bleeding?" - CYBORx 2018
"It's stereotypical that nicotine is addictive" - Tyler 2018
" THIS IS WHY YOU CROUCH " - Mandown 2018

F is for friends that dont fucking help at all
U is for unecessary violence
N is for stop being a fucking N ormie :]
Down in the deep blue sea.

If anyone needs to contact me, I'll sometimes check on my personal discord -

despite everything, its still you.

I go to friends to have fun, relieve stress, and talk. If your just gonna push me away and be mean,
hurt my feelings and all then you'd be better off friends with someone else.

I'm very shy. Like incredibly. I'm always stressed, and vigilant, always on alert, never relaxed.
I'm too nice to be mean to my friends (or randoms)
and if I'm 'mean' it's just a light-hearted joke of some sort :P

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others

We're all wild animals
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