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My Story
- at friends house for sleep over
- we played super mane 64 all night long
- I really liked the boss fights with bowser because of the way mario throws him
- in the morning neither of had slept but we are still playing
- his family is awake now and going about their morning routines
- friends cat comes by me and starts rubbing against me
- look at cats tail
- remember bowser boss battle
- get great idea
- think it would be hilarious if i threw my friends cat like mario throws browser
- grab cats tail, stand up
- cat claws at me and makes hissing noises
- start spinning
- cat can no longer attack me due to centripetal force
- friend yells out what the fuck are you doing
- some of the family comes into the room
- get nervous and embarrassed
- maybe if i finish the joke they will all laugh and think im funny
- start spining faster
- friends dad and friend try to approach me and take the cat away from me
- maximum velocity reached
- cat flies into drywall and hits a stud behind it
- breaks neck and dies on impact
- everyone is speechless
- friend goes to his cat that is dead and starts crying
- everyone starts crying or yelling
- mum called (my parents are divorced) to take me home
- put on medication and forced to attend therapy for a long time
- never saw friend again
Whats your story?

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Papa Nitross Mar 11, 2017 @ 3:21pm 
signed by papa <3