made 20 cents then i freaked it
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Maps I made:

vsh teul
vsh pruvia
vsh capani
vsh swagcity
vsh nebula
vsh yammoe v1
vsh reiltas hills
vsh moving in
vsh hella swag
vsh jungle beach
vsh gyros
vsh yammoe rc (remade)
vsh jealo
vsh lobster shore
vsh pizzatime
mvm yiresa
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A dynamic survival / scavenge map made by PigPig and Seth in the span of about a week and a half.

Sending and receiving packages. Even during the zombie apocalypse.

Inbound consists of 3 hold spots: Boathouse, Generator room, and Market. Each have their
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Seal and Co. Jul 12 @ 8:19pm 
Alby shut up we get it you like knots
Critch Jul 7 @ 6:19pm 
added to discuss a possible offer
squid Jun 25 @ 10:18am 
im not sure if ur still active with mapping and stuff but i added u to ask for help with skyboxes and other things in my own map it would be appreciated !!
Seal and Co. Jun 15 @ 12:21pm 
love me
dumbass catgirl Apr 17 @ 7:55am 
Thank you for making a map where it's not hold the front line for 4 hours. You're one of the first people I've seen that say coordination is something that should be important in mvm.