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I don't know what he's got that I don't. I just want to call you but I won't. I know that we moved out, but I never moved on. So I drive all night but still the truth is none of these streets lead back to you.

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Hannah: Thx for the heals mhenlo
(I'm playing sniper)

G2B Nerd lfp engisub: i didnt top damage
G2B Nerd lfp engisub: shitty game
G2B Nerd lfp engisub: shit map
G2B Nerd lfp engisub: fuck hl
G2B Nerd lfp engisub: shitty map
Mhenlo: shit league

G2B | Mhenlo: oh god an amv
myk: amvs are godly
myk: dont lie lmao
G2B | Mhenlo: dont worry
G2B | Mhenlo: when i make my frag video
G2B | Mhenlo: it will have dat naruto music on it
G2B | Mhenlo: ;)
myk: LOL

AÐ. MDS: No Brain, Good Aim

Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: hey
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: nigger
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: come play pubg
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: MHENLO
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: I SUMMON U
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: FROM THE SHADOW REALM
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: COME TO ME
Mhenlo #Shaayy: I'm doing shit nigga plz
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: NO
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: UR
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: PLAYING
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: PUBG
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: ALSO
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: UR WHITE
Mhenlo #Shaayy: you can reach me at 1-800-fukufaggotgeyboi
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: wtf
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: WTF
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: ??????
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: WHO IS THIS
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: CALM THE FUCK DOWN
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: ????
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: WHO U
Mhenlo #Shaayy: you give me attitude all the time
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: YEAH
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: BUT IM AN ASS
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: UR NOT
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: ?????????
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: ur not aLLOWED TO SASS ME
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: i BROUGHT U INTO SILVER
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: I AM UR CREATOR
Nerdaboo is ʙ@ᴇ: >:(

Mhenlo: did you see im playing plat this season?
lion lft esea: yea with meech
lion lft esea: thats awesome man
Mhenlo: moving up in the world
lion lft esea: your gonna get casted and when you get to play with all the little steel kids
lion lft esea: there gonna say
lion lft esea: HOLY SHIT is that THE mhenlo
lion lft esea: the PLATNUM SNIPER MHENLO
Mhenlo: lol
lion lft esea: OMGGGGGGG please sign my rifles
Mhenlo: LOL
Mhenlo: i already did

lily :3: help me i frag hard
lily :3: but i still lose
lily :3: every hl scrim
lily :3: is there some ancient secret im missing
Mhenlo.twg!: is this for the eu team?
lily :3: APLBES
lily :3 is now Online.
Mhenlo.twg!: oh
Mhenlo.twg!: lol
Mhenlo.twg!: its probably not you then
Mhenlo.twg!: probably your team
Mhenlo.twg!: the ancient secret
lily :3: whats the ancient secret to win though
Mhenlo.twg!: is more blood sacrifices
lily :3: of what
lily :3: low silver players???
lily :3: what did u sacrifice to win g2b some of their games
Mhenlo.twg!: i was thinking steel players
Mhenlo.twg!: i sacrificed my friends
Mhenlo.twg!: all my friends are dead
Mhenlo.twg!: push me to the edge
Mhenlo.twg!: ;)
lily :3: god damn it

sb7.Mhenlo: myk
myk the living bot: yes
sb7.Mhenlo: whats 8 and has no friends
sb7.Mhenlo: a sandy hook survivor
myk the living bot: LOL
myk the living bot: speaking of that
sb7.Mhenlo: dude i heard
sb7.Mhenlo: what you were talking about
myk the living bot: oh
myk the living bot: do u want the jbo
myk the living bot: *job
sb7.Mhenlo: snipings a good job m8
myk the living bot: PERFECT
sb7.Mhenlo: LOLK
sb7.Mhenlo: LOL*
myk the living bot: ill cya at sandy hook elementry
myk the living bot: we going for round 2
sb7.Mhenlo: we gave them a small breather
sb7.Mhenlo: now its time to finish the job
myk the living bot: LOL
myk the living bot: ill be sure to instruct our driver ryan of your new association to the team
myk the living bot: god bless
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