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ivan hidewake   Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
:tradingcard: i am very happy to be indomination to my pure burst lust darkness my name is james reckborn i cannot send yuo out of paroraty i am a very kind guy with dark twist and conpasion who loves cool vidoe games tell i get really sick and vomit but also love oither things to am huk poraragenic hybide my eyes are gone now that your transmission gase has been broken and yuo are though blinded in your own greed of choas very happy right now i am working on to becomeing an ealry athour and am making some incredable books fantasy such as paradex realm and nightmare of conprastions and innomence premic and working to becoming an producer animation departer in my last years of my life time my vidoe game skills are quite compable dramatic blood lichs i am over un bear able profrabilty for a soul has no consume one must sacrifice in order reclaim my oral the blood increase the steaths power incressive self infection if i happen to pass away 15 000 thused $$ will be given TO better health care my life can be abit ruthless and any thing can happen
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trade thest are show case only send me an invite if yuo want any of my free backgrounds
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undead critter in the dark
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so freaken cool
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This model was not created by me, it was only uploaded for ease of access, I will take this down if one of the original creators wishes.

The houndeye model in Firefight Reloaded was taken straight from Half-Life Source which results in it being noticeab
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Created by - AriesToffle
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SpellForce: Platinum Edition