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Well I never thought it would be necessary to write the following lines but since I got too many friend requests without a particular reason given I think a short FAQ is needed.

Q: Can I add you as a friend (because I like your skins)?
A : Since I’m not into collecting friends I won’t accept your request (especially without a given reason). And I already have a Crew for payday 2 so I’m not in need for new people to play with.
Second, if you like my skins please feel free to leave a comment on the workshop page, my collections or on my profile page. And if you don’t like them feel free to leave a comment too (it would be nice if you could tell me why you don’t like them in a constructive manner). In case you are a payday2 skin maker your self or a skin collector for payday2 skins, feel free to add me.

Q: Can I download your skins?
A : Please read the following workshop-faq for payday 2:

Q: I’ve got a particular question about a skin. Can I add you?
A : If it’s a simple question feel free to ask me at the particular skin-workshop page. If it’s not that simple or you want to discuss something in private then leave a comment on my profile page and I’ll get in touch with you.

IF your question is still not answered please leave a comment why you want to add me and I will probably get in touch with you.
And if I decline your friend request (sorry) please don’t take it personal.:chains:
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Since you go on heists day and night you need a proper weapon. And now you got one …

This is my second attempt of making a new engraved weapon skin (ok, the matador wasn´t quality stuff I give you that). So this one is in the legacy of “The Colon
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Status - Pending, Created by - inVenit0r
Marta P. DeHart Apr 18 @ 4:15pm 
I'd actually take the crocodile skin in real life.
Kyatache Mar 2 @ 12:06pm 
want to know how do skin in payday 2 xD please :P
Alex Feb 27 @ 7:03am 
I just need to say something to you.
72 virgins. Feb 13 @ 1:27am 
m8 make your invent public :/
凰北月 Feb 8 @ 8:27am 
Wake up, your Vanguard skin is legendary in new safe. OMG!!!! *slap*
makller.1111 Jan 8 @ 12:23pm 
good job for workshop