Hi, i'm an animator who makes SFMs sometimes.
Sorry, it's best not to add me if I don't know you.
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If you say anything to me in tf2, you may not get a response. I sometimes have chat disabled because the vocal minority are terrible.
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Fwostylicious 2 hours ago 
Damn! We share familiar intrests in Music etc x)
Arsertijo Apr 13 @ 5:34pm 
Would you give me some kind of advice to make my animation/movies in sfm? :steamhappy:
Ďĭŕøł♥ Apr 13 @ 9:33am 
private tucker Apr 7 @ 10:40pm 
and a taunt for you to make
private tucker Apr 7 @ 10:37pm 
added cause I have a sfm ideai and my source filmmaker keeps crashing
DarkLitria | Apr 4 @ 4:08am