Hi, i'm an animator who makes SFMs sometimes.
Sorry, it's best not to add me if I don't know you.
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If you say anything to me in tf2, you may not get a response. I sometimes have chat disabled because the vocal minority are terrible.
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Paul McCartney Jul 15 @ 10:42am 
Will you sign my profile? :)
Gallius Jul 10 @ 9:00pm 
I have to comment. You are by far one of the best SFM artists that ive seen, and you opened my eyes to some super amazing bands I wound have never looked for without your videos. keep up the good work.

P.S. an idea for an all class taunt. we gotta have a fist bump man.
Pulse Joker Jun 29 @ 1:07am 
Listen to Our Hollow Our Home 🔥🔥
Upside Left! SFM Jun 26 @ 3:45am 
When I've picked up the "Upside Left!" name with "minecraftintheschooltoilets", there are nonamesleft.
Lil'Giz Jun 23 @ 8:08am 
Excuse me, I am a big fan of yours from the late 2012. I am here to ask questions on the scream fortress medic cosmetics in the video. As I'm a recent medic main wishing to fufill your "reporter" character in the video, if you could contact me please do.

[TFGA] MusiqJay Jun 21 @ 1:47pm 

I have a question regarding animation guidance, as i am starting out animation since i feel like i have enough inspiration to take it seriously and attempt to create an independent project. I know you are not usually great at giving tutorials because you're an animator who makes motion animations, not a teacher who passes on what he learns to others. But, if you had a few tips to spare me as an animator who seeks a beginning, could you kindly leave a reply in your comments. Or maybe contact me if you have the time. I watched your animations over the small years i've known you and i would be very grateful to recieve your kind advice.

Seeing how you are a professional animator now, i don't expect to recieve a response by any means whatsover. But i'd understand if it isn't in your interest or care and i simply thank you for even bothering to read this.

-Good Luck!