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I completed the first season so far and already now I can tell that the game is difficult to play due to several issues.

- Controls -
First off the controls are not explained at all.
As of now the store page says "Partial Controller Support" which implies that keyboard or mouse should be fine and some controllers somewhat okay.
That's not really the case, though as the menus and the game show PlayStation buttons.
At least you also can navigate through the menus with the mouse and the arrow keys, enter and escape.

During the races the mouse has no function at all and the keys as suggested by the dev on the discussion forum DO NOT WORK as stated.
Here is what I found out:
To move forward, [W] repeatedly - in quick succession during the whole race, ouch!
To turn left and right, use [LEFT_ARROW] and [RIGHT_ARROW].
To whip, use the right [CTRL]. Not the left one!
To jump, use [SPACE].
To change camera, use [C].

The worst part is after you finished a race and reached the last screen of the score boards, there is no way to proceed. It only shows a PlayStation button as usual but no key on the keyboard seems to work.
Workaround: [ALT]+[F4] and restart the game. Very annoying. At least it seems that your score will be saved at that point.

- Gameplay -
Like the controls, you won't find any valuable explanation of how it is supposed to work.

All you get is:
"- For better start acceleration, align the moving arrows in a single line.
- Whipping will be available as soon as your whipping bar is full, choose it wisely. Its the only way to win the race.
- Whipping continuously will anger your horse and will affect your horse's speed."

The only bar there is seems to for stamina - not the whipping "bar" which is circle-shaped.
The description doesn't tell you in what way the horse's speed will be affected.
It seems that the horse is fastest if all mad.
Overall, it doesn't really explain how the stamina, anger, whipping systems actually work and how to handle them.

At least the different racing types are more or less self-explanatory.

Another negative would be that the different horses are not balanced, some are better in all stats than others. Even one of them seems to have all stats maxed out.

- Graphics -
I'm okay with the looks, but for a game that is seemingly from 2016, you could call the graphics old, outdated and dull.
Only the cartoony horse in the status interface is a negative to me, it doesn't fit with the rest of the setting.
The lighting during night races is probably the most notable thing to me; not over average, though.

There are 6 different horses which are recognisable as such. Anatomy is correct, textures are not very detailed. Your male jockey can choose from 6 different apparels.

- Audio -
The sounds are same as the graphics - okay but a bit dull and old, nothing special about it.
The music during races is sometimes surprisingly nice.

- Other issues -
At certain races you will never proceed to the score boards after crossing the finish line, the time keeps running, you can't do anything other than press [ESCAPE] for the pause menu. Following levels are affected:
- Season 2, Level 1, Time Trial Race
- Season 3, Level 1, Time Trial Race

- Win 50 Races
Complete 50 races by finishing top three in each race.
- Complete the Game
Complete all the races in each season.
- Win Championship in Top Three
Complete the Game and Win the Championship in top three. -20.9

• The game prompts you to name your Horse and Jockey, but it won't save them and resets them to "MyHorse" and "Player".
• You can access all the 11 seasons à 5 races from the start which makes not much sense.
• The game won't tell you which races you completed already nor how many points you gathered so far.
Let's see if I can even finish the whole championship that way.
• When you quit a race, there will be no mouse cursor on the menus anymore.


- Overall -
You need to tap a key repeatedly to move forward which will strain your arm while some cartoony horse head snorts at you angrily till you reach the finish line where you need to shut down the game because else you won't be able to proceed.

It is very annoying to restart the game after every race and to top it off, there are two broken races and three broken achievements.
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^1 Grug the Neon-Slayer Aug 31, 2023 @ 11:11am 
Cool dude :)
RANGER16889 Aug 30, 2023 @ 2:22pm 
You going for Doom Eternal 100%? We can boost the Battlemode achievements in Private match, would just need 1 more player
76561198026502947 Trade Banned May 20, 2022 @ 8:52am 
Hello, I would like to ask if you trade humble bundle cd-keys, even if you do not trade them, I am looking for a few old bundled ones, so you might have a few and I'm ready to offer some games from your wishlist, in case you are interested - accept my friendship, I'm also ready to go first if we find decent trade for both of us, thanks
Moon Flower Dec 20, 2021 @ 4:14pm 
@Shimakaze: Uh, what? Could you stop harass me? I didn't type on anyone's profile since months.
Shimakaze Dec 19, 2021 @ 7:44pm 
I saw you left a comment harassing my sister on her steam profile, you're going to pay for that.