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MeltingComet (Discord: Klonoa#6206)   Virginia, United States
はじめまして! (Nice to meet you!)
I'm a hobby game designer! My next game is StarAir! [gamejolt.com] I also write for SoQ. [saveorquit.com] I'm a chinese dragon but a bunny at heart.

(I'm sorry, I don't accept friend requests from those I don't know personally.)

Check my info box for more updated info. If you want to know more, I guess I play a lot of games and are making some. Creator of Deceived Voice and StarTower. Making StarAir and working on two other projects.

(Note: At the time, I'm not accepting friend requests. Sorry about that.)
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[h1]Welcome to the StarTower[/h1]

Introducing the debut project from Team Fuzzy Tail (MeltingComet, MrHatmadder), a simplistic emotional top-down dungeon crawling RPG shooter set on a short number of floors. Shoot down a league of robots as you ascend t
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Created by - madhatter, 龍 Mao, and CallMeErick
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Making Games and Taking Names.
Get to know a few things here!

Hey. I'm MeltingComet and I like to make and play games. I juggle all of that plus writing written content on video games and school. Check some stuff out.


I do not accept friend requests from randoms, apologies!

My Games/Projects

Team Fuzzy Tail's StarAir!

Team Fuzzy Tail returns with a new action-RPG, this time in the style of a story-based shoot-em-up! Take down wacky criminals and robotic drones as Max, who dons the role of the famous bounty hunter StarAir formerly held by his father. Pick up weapon cards and upgrade your ship to bring justice(?) to the galaxy in a action-comedy coming-of-age adventure!

Team Fuzzy Tail's StarTower


Introducing the debut project from Team Fuzzy Tail (MeltingComet, MrHatmadder), a simplistic emotional top-down dungeon crawling RPG shooter set on a short number of floors. Shoot down a league of robots as you ascend to a tower of unspeakable fortune...or is there any?

Play the Game now! @ https://teamfuzzytail.itch.io/startower

Decieved Voice

Deceived Voice, Nikoback Games' debut title, is a adventure-based game that uses ARG elements outside of the game to help solve it's puzzles and unlock the strange secrets inside. The main inspirations for the game are Portal, Oneshot, and was originally built off of a scrapped concept made prior, "Press the Button to Win!". The Deluxe Edition is available now on GameJolt, itch.io, and Steam Workshop!

Game Reviews!

I write content for Save and Quit ( saveorquit.com ). Formerly wrote for Lots' O Giveaways.

Save or Quit

OpenCritic Page (INACTIVE, contains old LOG reviews)

Friend Requests/Trading

I'm not accepting friend requests atm from anybody I don't know personally. You will be ignored or blocked if I haven't previously insisted on adding you before.

For trading items, I won't accept trades via friend requests. Send me trade offers through my trade link.


Items I'm willing to trade:

-Any leftover coupons (may be added as a bonus when trading)
-CS:GO Crates
-CS:GO Skins below the value of $0.10
-TF2 Crates
-Tradable SNOW Items
-Any Payday 2 Items
-Entire Spiral Knights Inventory
-Non-Event related Steam Trading Cards

Music Playlist
(Outdated, many of the videos got copyrighted lel)

I have an alt account that you can check out. I will accept friend requests on there, but I won't accept trade offers on it til later.

Current Games/Backlog/Considering
I'm currently playing:

-Black Mesa
-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)

-VA-11 HA-11A
-Emily is Away Too
-Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition
-Fallout 4
-Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
-Stardew Valley
-Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
-Rain World
and a crap ton more

I change my Steam Profile name a lot, you may know me by the following:
-MeltingComet (Original)
-MeltingComet (Blue Team)
-Classic Sonic
-Classic Sonic (Blue Team)
-T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas
-Klonoa the Dream Traveler (And the psuedo Klanoa the Dream Traveler)
-Klonoa of the Wind
-KazenoKlonoa (Also, a spaced version 'Kaze no Klonoa')
-KazenoKlonoa (XMAS)
-Kinda Average Ninja Guy
-Niko (From the game Oneshot)
-Kurisumasu no Rip
-Revolvo Rip
-Dragon Bunny Rip (The Dragon Bunny thing is in chinese)
-Dragon Bunny Mao (Mao is supposed to mean cat in chinese tho :torielsad:)

All of my emotes:
:bbtcat: :bbtduckshark: :borderlands2: :ccskull: :RottenEgg: :csgoa: :csgob: :csgocross: :csgostar: :csgox: :sword: :BronzeOrb: :ghlol: :balloon: :cupcakeelf: :dwayneelf: :mksuitcase: :nonplussed_creep: :Beat: :summersun: :crate: :sentry: :healthvial: :goodshot: :calm_creep: :wd_Hack: :Sock: :2015car: :2015coal: :shieldsup: :rloctane: :forsburn: :jess: :torielsad: :fishing: :td_Hazard: :td_Mask: :td_bear: :r6target: :rottyman: :2016villain: :2016trophy: :2016imnotcrying: :axesword: :jensen: :dswilson: :DSTtophat: :happypug: :etghunter: :motherbrain: :OLDGRUNT: :ins: :boomer: :LIS_PolaPhoto: :Miller: :vlambeerMelting: :os_pancakes: :os_prophetbot: :ori: :oxenren: :AlarmBot:

Did You Know:
that if you reached the bottom of here damn i didnt waste time i could spend studying and such setting up this thing
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Glinomeϟϟ Apr 25 @ 7:22am 
Mao, lets go play some games. We can beat the crap out of each other in Skullgirls or I can show you some real action in MGS V. In any case I'm just bored and you are the only thing that can bring me out from my boredom.
龍 Mao Apr 16 @ 5:49pm 
i now get why you asked that and im happy to report that our mutual friend will not be happy with me using it towards him more
龍 Mao Mar 12 @ 7:36pm 
i read like the first few pages but i didn't really follow it, why
SP Mudkip Mar 12 @ 7:14pm 
hey, have you read cucumber quest?
龍 Mao Mar 11 @ 8:42am 
Glinomeϟϟ Mar 11 @ 7:47am 
You are Mao. The kind bloodsucker, who lives at the swamp. At least that what the book says