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Some Stuff about me:
:PineappleGrenade: Birthday: June 23
:PineappleGrenade: Likes : Games and Anime
:PineappleGrenade: Dislikes : Social Interaction
:PineappleGrenade: Favorite Anime/Manga: Madoka Magica, Youjo Senki, Happy Sugar Life
:PineappleGrenade: I like to stay offline.
:PineappleGrenade: Games I Play: TF2, Destiny 2

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:PineappleGrenade: Lav
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This game takes on a fun, wacky, fps style game, with one of the biggest communities on Steam. Some updates have helped the Team Fortress 2 Community, while others didn't really help (no offense). Even if the updates didn't work, we atleast have our turn on making the updates, even if it takes as long as 1 year. Everyone can talk to one another, about the community updates! This game is amazing, and I would reccomend it to others to play themselves!
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Hentai! - Public Group
Largest hentai & ecchi community on steam! Everyone is welcome! ^^
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+rep Big Nurd and Good Friend. I don't deserve 10/10
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lewd cutie who's p good with solly ^^
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