!!!!!CardBOT 24:1 CS:GO 19:1 TF2
Aland Islands
!check to start
!buy for CS:GO keys (all keys except Hydra)
!buytf for TF2 keys
!buyhydra for Hydra CS:GO keys
In non-Steam game
How to use BOT?
* If you need COOL profile ARTwork, add this guy!

* If you want to sell steam cards for CS:GO/TF2 keys you can add this bot .

* If you want to buy advertisement space, leave comment :)


* Your inventory must be public in order to receive trade offer, you can set it back to private immidiately afterwards

* You need to be able to trade with no trade hold (have Steam Mobile Guard for at least 7 days i.e.)

* Please be sure to craft all sets in your inventory before you buy new sets

Bot comands

!check : Checks how many sets you can buy

!buy [amount of keys] : buy sets for an X amount of CS:GO keys (i.e. !buy 10)

!buytf [number of keys] - buy sets for an X amount of TF 2 keys (i.e. !buytf 10)

!level [desired level] : Calculates how many sets and keys it takes to reach desired level

!help - help message

How to use BOT?

Love Card Bot is the fastest and cheapest way to level UP your Steam profile.

1. Add Love Card Bot as a friend

2. Use !check chat command and the BOT will answer how many sets you can buy at the moment

3. Use !buy [amount of CS:GO keys] chat command and you'll instantly receive a trade offer exchanging sets for CS:GO keys - e.g. !buy 2

4. After checking and accepting the trade offer, you may craft your badges and level UP immediately!

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