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Lingua latina non penis canis est !
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<<No beggar>> policy enabled ..

Nu lasati mesaje gen "iti las rep/sign - back" - ignor/sterg asa commenturi.... Ganditi-va si voi un pic.. ce valoare au rep-urile cu beg (CERSIT) atasat?!!!! :controllerThumbsDown: Cand citesc comentariile de pe alte profile nici nu ma uit la rep-uri, mai interesant mi-e sa aflu parerea celorlalti despre persoana studiata.. gandurile.. interesele.

Limbajul decent si bunul simt sunt singurele virtuti la care ma pot astepta de la prietenii mei pe steam. De obicei, inainte sa accept cererile, studiez profilul atent.. uneori dureaza chiar si cateva luni pana imi fac o parere, de aceea va rog sa nu ma faceti sa-mi para rau ca am adaugat pe cineva.

Nu va suparati daca nu accept invitatiile de a juca impreuna. Foarte rar joc multiplayer.

Daca mi-ati scris si n-am raspuns.. si e important - repetati mesajul dupa o zi-doua - primesc multe mesaje si nu reusesc sa le raspund tuturor. [!Daca e beg - nu repetati! Ignor prima abatere, a doua oara s-ar putea sa blacklist...!]

* Nu initiez niciodata tradeuri. In rarele cazuri in care fac trade - o fac doar dupa o discutie prealabila.

:omfg: NICIODATA nu aveti incredere in cineva doar pentru ca are lvl mare pe steam (me included!)
:omfg: Capturati toate tradeurile (inclusiv discutiile) pentru a avea dovada, in caz ca ati fost scamati.

:esc_warning: Daca "ma" vedeti vreodata cu profilul privat - nu-s eu ala! Profilul meu e si mereu va fi public! ( spre exemplu chupacabra asta http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032049298 nu-s eu!)

If you want to add me read this first:

- Not a trader! Don't add me just for a trade - most probably I won't be interested

- Don't try to sell me stuff. If I need something - I find and buy it myself.

- Respect to CS-GO players, but it's not my game! (I play occasionally.. so.. the music kits I own.. they're NOT for trade, I bought them for a reason - that's just in case you missed the first statement (not a trader) )

- Never been a middleman and don't plan to act as one

- Don't leave "+rep, back ?!" or "sign pls" comments, they get removed. If you want me to sign your profile (I don't have a signature, but I'll leave a comment), better send me a PM.

- I have nothing against VAC bans (although multiple VACs means you keep cheating, maybe gaming isn't your thing?!), but I don't accept trade banned accounts (I won't remove already accepted friends). Also once in a while (about every 8-12 months) I remove private and inactive profiles.

- Since you can see my profile information, I expect the same (meaning no private profiles).

- Finally, I noticed that some people do not understand the <no beggar policy> concept. It actually doesn't matter what ppl beg for - games/cards/items - it's still begging. Here's a quote from wiki: "Begging or panhandling is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money... Beggars may be found in public places such as transport routes, urban parks, and near busy markets [AND STEAM!!]. Besides money, they may also ask for food, drink, cigarettes or other small items [GAMES, CARDS AND IN-GAME ITEMS!!!]."

:esc_warning: If you ever see "my" profile set as private - that's an impersonator (like this one: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032049298 ). My profile is and always will be set as public!

Не добавляйте ради наживы: халяву не раздаю, на разводы не ведусь.
Не приглашайте в игры - предпочитаю соло.
Степень и уровень моей общительности зависят от собеседника.

* wow, you've read all of this? bonus: age - 45, married, predominantly happy
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