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Perfect gem. All the information and predictable outcomes make this the perfect strategy game. Especially love how one can desperately safe the population by catching bullets with your mecs.
Posted November 22, 2018.
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Past Cure has many facets and blends these artistically. The protagonist is haunted and is fighting for his sanity. The player must beat real and unreal monsters, all the while he's piecing the shattered story, mind of the protagonist, back together.

I would suggest everyone to make up their own minds and play the game - but I suppose that's not why you read these reviews here. The reason that I would urge you to do so regardless is that some people seem to be disappointed by the game because they seemed to have a clear concept of what the game is going to be and were disappointed to see something different.

If you want to hear it from me: I recommend the game -a true marvel for indie devs.

+ Graphics and animations seem ultra-realistic. 9/10
+ Storytelling especially camera movement and framing is superbly done. 10/10
+ Atmosphere is almost always eerie 8/10
+ Game Design challenging difficulty and alternated often (7/10)
- a little extra spice might have been missing
+ Level Design well decorated and solid design (7/10)
- however some progression felt slow at times.
Posted March 7, 2018. Last edited March 8, 2018.
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Nice game mechanic - bullet time and ammunition shortage make this shooter feel like a puzzle - while keeping your adrenaline pumping when the the bullets fly. The story grabs and pulls you right in - however the ride isn't very long - and feels even shorter when you rush through it - but only because it's such a good trip!
Posted June 1, 2017.
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